Meet Ian Broadbent


Ex Airborne who walked the walk in the Falklands war in 1982. His tales being mostly told down the local RBL with shit dits of daring do to those who served in other units. Hes got the Beret and T Shirt to prove it right?  So very wrong.


Ian took his down wind landing into spunktrumpetry public ridicule after dropping a mahoosive bollock by posting on a facebook page dedicated to Photos from the Falklands War on how he sat in the next trench from a Paratrooper in the photo overlooking Port Stanley having a coffee and that he had a brew with said Paratrooper. However, several members of 2 Para who knew the soldier questioned Broadbents claims.  (See the screen shots as to why)


TWMHCHQ were soon on the case and asked Ian a few questions, one being the date he passed his basic Para course and with only eight Broadbents on the system to choose from his chances of bluffing his way out were slim. From his profile it were obvious Broardbent was using photos taken from the Falklands page and using the Walt fine art of walting suggestion by simply posting their number above the post of the photo or the odd shit dit about the Fan.




Ian at first attempted to ride it out, firstly taking his para profile off, but keeping his para photos and claims intact. Like Cllr Connor Collins he felt staying tight lipped and keeping his head down would work. However Ian knew he had TWMHCHQ on his back and he finally threw in the towel and made a feeble attempt of an apology, but only because he got caught.



“i’d like to apologise to you all and feel ashamed of my self and iam doing the right thing by you all now and have no defence for my actions but i do a grate deal in raising money for the royal British Legion i take 2 weeks of my anual holidays to raise money and have raised thousands of pounds and this doesn’t make what I’ve done ok but my heart is in the right place will stop it ASAP and my family have been in the army this is my dad and you are well in your right to be so piss off with people like me but promise all of you will not do it again but will continue to raise money for the service”

Had he been sincere in regards to the shameful way he used a dead servicemen to billy big time it,  and had he not attempted to pull on the charity hart strings as a way to soften what he had done then we may have not posted this. TWMHCHQ have always made it clear. If you are sincere in your apology and dont try to gloss over what you have done in disrespecting those you steal valor from then the Walt Vault you will go.

Now it goes without saying Broadbent collected for the Corby RBL for many years, However, Technically  he was doing it by false representation, which does more harm than good.


Corby RBL have since dismissed Ian Broadbent. They had welcomed him to the RBL on good faith. He abused it.

Checks made

No P Coy records

No Para Records

Not known to 2 Para