Everyone knows if you want to walt at an air show you wear Ray Ban Aviators and shed loads of bling for maximum walt points so Meet  Glen Holness .


Welcome to Glen Holness

Walt first spotted at the Manchester Airshow a few months back pretending to be RAF Navigator on Tornadoes, lording it over Air cadets.

When he was reported we first  thought  Bradley Walsh was missing one of his chasers! Or that signing autographs for Japanese tourists, having selfies with admiring Air cadets and spinning shit dits of his sorties to anyone who wanted to hear about it. Only one little problem. The Wg Cdr of 15 Sqn? Well what can we say without tipping the boundarys…..He  looks a lot different when he was in the office.


He got lifted at the Southport air show, he was as a person of interested and the RAF careers team on duty reported him. Who at first thought he was Howard Brown from the Halifax adverts.


Real job………a driver at Manchester Airport who’s been on the biff for a few months yet managed to attend not only air shows in his finery but paid frequent visits to Air Cadet centres for talks about writing cheques he’s cumpfuckery body could not cash with a £3,56 Airfix Tornado modal.



When arrested

Rank braid, hat and stable belt confiscated then escorted away by police. And apparently he didn’t realise no5’s shoes don’t go with no2b-c and the only to be wearing a tie with short sleeve also…

He tried to blag his way through it but failed miserably, he was stripped of any RAF uniform and marched from site after his details had been taken and verified


On looking at his dress and ribbons


Top row, first ribbon is RAF long service & good conduct… only issued to Warrant Officers and other ranks… not Commissioned Officers unless he worked his way up through the ranks, but hang on. . looking at the previous shot of him in a desert flying suit which with 15 sqn patches would have been op Granby he doesn’t have the op Granby medal, 15 sqn have been a reserve squadron,for years, they convert aircrew to the tornado, they have no deployment role……….stranger still! Hes wearing that Aiguillette on the wrong arm. That is the same Aiguillette that is awarded to senior officers such as the CDS, however, on your right shoulder. You can tell by the length of the “cones” on the end of the tassles. ADC’S wear the same knot on the end as we wear on our swords (like a large acorn) but that’s on your left shoulder.


But he does look smart so credit where its due. but



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