Simon Robinson from Middlewich, who was at the Remembrance Day parade in Sandbach. As a civilian. Who has got more wings on his uniform than a flock of seagulls.


Robinson was reported to us after he was spotted taking the Remembrance Day parade in Sandbach.

He had served in the military, Left 663 AAC in 2000 as an air-trooper  with the MT section, BUT seems that wasn’t enough for him and he’s added a few medals, rank and wings.

After TWMHCHQ first exposed him he and his old man went bleeting to the local paper making out that there were an errors in following protocol as it was a rush job that he led the parade due to his father being unwell. However, he was also spotted on the parade in 2013 wearing the same uniform complete with medals & sgt stripes. 4 years ago at armed forces day.



He wasn’t leading the parade back then but was definitely in it.  His father was on it too so surely must be aware of his Walting.


Not content with taking it on the chin and moving on, he  created more attention for himself by publicly going about the normal walting MO and claimed to be the victim after being caught out to the local press, using his fathers influence as a Cllr adn his illness to get a very one sided sympathetic article  in the middlewich guardian. Again he lied about his service and used PTSD as his excuse along with fictitious threats being made to his family. However nothing could be further from the truth and the last comment about his family safety come from the very same person who was lying about his service.

“More than 6,000 likes, comments and shares gathered on a Facebook post by The Walter Mitty Hunter’s Club HQ page, as well as several people contacting Simon’s workplace calling for him to be sacked.

Simon has now apologised for what he describes as a ‘misguided lack of judgement’ and said his family’s safety has been put in jeopardy by ‘malicious campaigners.”  

For the record. Simon Robinson never approached us personally. He had an account and knew about our page and knew what he had done wrong . Had he had the decency to not only personally contact us but also be sincere in that apology, other then try and sugar coat it with carefully chosen words to dumb down his actions on the day, then things would have been very much different as we have done with others in the past ! We will add. It was He alone who contacted the press to whine about this page, claiming he has suffered abuse etc in an attempt at damage limitation, and its his own local rag which has headlined him as a fraud, We just called him a Bloating Cumper.


From someone  who served with him.

Post tramatic stress for what, fuelling fucking helicopters? It must have been really scary fuelling heli’s on the airfield in skopje then having ice cream in the defac.”  Or was it a traumatic egg banjo in the NAFFI at Middle Wallop!

“I remember this Bell-End, I was his MT Sgt at the time he joined.  When I picked him up from the guardroom at Wattisham where he joined! He also told his fiancé when he was in Bosnia with the Sqn that he had been shot in the leg and couldn’t come home on R&R which backfired when his deluded fiancé went to the padre and his scam was blown.”  The plot thickens!

“He told his fiancé whilst the Sqn were in Bosnia that he had been shot in the leg and couldn’t come home on R&R – his fiancé contacted Regt HQ and padre to complain which obviously resulted in much panic and phone calls to discover that Robinson was telling more lies!”


As for the rest

Never attended UKSF selection

Never attended the Basic Para Course at RAF Brize Norton

Bloating Cumper



Do you think that chap in the background is thinking the same as us? “Wankspangle”

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