Well it’s all come bubbling to the surface yet again as the Cumpery of our next offering will demonstrate.


Meet John Bradbury Hero of the free world, chopper pilot or should we say the most decorated member of Teeny Weenie Airways (sorry lads had to get that in) 😀 The Army Air Corps we mean.
Johns sad masquerade had possibly gone on for over a dozen years unchecked and quite possibly cumper-complacency set in as they so seldom do, and the medal order then grew.

Unfortunately for Bradbury, his sad cherade went horribly tits up a few weeks back after posing with a rack, of sorts, that would make Idi Amin go off his nut.


The photo was taken at the D day landing Commemoration weekend at Portsmouth in June this year and John was proudly posing next to a real D day Vet of 95.
Bradbury was wearing gallantry awards. DSO, MC,MM.MSM as well as an LS&GC . Plus….plus MIDs on his GSM and ACSM with them hanging in the wrong order! Now a man with such bling would be a legend within his corps and Bradbury claimed to have served 23 years and loved every minute of it so would have been well known and the toast at many a mess do. However, checks were made with the AACA and with those who served in Cyprus and the Falklands during those dark times and guess what? Nobody knows him, not a fig. We checked the London Gazzette nada. We know the AAC most decorated man is Lt Col Sam Drennan MBE, who was awarded the DFC whilst in the Falklands but know one knew our John!

How very strange.


Looking at Johns profile the only picture he posts of his former service is of him standing next to a hovering 4 ton truck with L plates, Possibly John may have been confused with an airborne ex where on the odd occasion those RAF chaps call off a jump due to pre judged bad weather or some red buzzing light not working in the c130 (or in RAF speak. Fuck that its happy hour in the mess bar tonight, call it off)


Now giving John the benefit of doubt, he may have been tasked to deliver those airborne types from a low flying 4 tonner and got confused from that. Who knows!
John was keen to spell out all his medals when ask and his reply about his impressive rack follows.

“Hi Guys, yes there are mine and earned them in NI, Cyprus and the DCO in Maggies fiasco. Just doing the job at the end of the day boys, as did we all. Nuff said”


Bradbury was then asked more probing questions and he soon twigged he was under the cumperbellendous microscope and became quite shy, even blocking those who asked questions. How strange!!
If Bradbury had bothered to read Walting With Confidence or at least borrowed it from Maximus Mckeown who read it last year after he finally admitted his little hic- cup 😉and stuck to spinning shit dits in boozers about his time with 22 Bath and shower unit then he might possibly have avoided such public scrutiny followed by ridicule!
The plot thickens
A profile proclaiming to know John and that he was the real deal popped up at the 11 hour, like a scene out of the green mile. However, after a few questions back and forth we established it to be a ruse or at least an attempt to delay the inevitable.


We did contact John but he was no available for comment. It must be the Lynx effect we have 😀

Obviously John had served in some capacity just not in the way he likes to portray and he most defiantly did not earn the meda




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