Dear me Mark


We was alerted Mark and his cumpring way a few days after Remembrance Sunday after he was spotted in all his Para reg finery Tick Tocking on parade. A large fellow who on the face if it is not shy of a few Ginsters and even less shy of E bay medal bidding.


When first alerted we viewed Marks photos where he proudly boasts in one “NICKED” photo he was the one on the summit. If Mark was up on his stuff, he would have known groups of man wearing Pegasus sweaters are normally found on the manly body’s “Hic” of those attached to 16 AA, like 9 Sqn or 7 RHA. Not 3 Para as Mark claims he was a member of. Or was it the SAS Mark?


After we viewed Marks other pictures and claims it was just to much, our eyes were bleeding and our sphincters had prolapsed. It was Anal Armageddon at Cumper HQ we can tell you. As the most avid readers of this page will know, we like to check, then check again. So we put in place two sleeper profiles. We let the whole friend process run it course and got our Mark nice and moist then reeled him in while we looked for other more cunning fish to fry.


After a few months we went back to the net and there he was ready for us.
Word of warning, what you are about to read may hurt your Balloon knot!
1/26, 1:34pm KEV

Hi Mark

Mark Burgess1/26, 1:50pm Mark Burgess

How do kev how’s tricks

KEV1/26, 1:53pm Thanks for friend add. I say your profile on the paracharity and im usre i remember the face. I was 3 Para until around 2001 buggered my knee. Was you in 2 Para anti tanks? im sure I was on a course at warminster same time as you.

fingers a tad buggerd too lol

Mark Burgess1/26, 2:05pm Mark Burgess

No mate was 3 para to b coy 6plt mortas discharged for split shin bone. I new ya face and name but couldn’t put me finga on were now I no

January 26
1/26, 5:15pm Kev
Ok mate I knew I reconised the face. lol, . I stuggaled a bit when I got out. Head got fucked up after the Tyrone Tour.

Mark Burgess1/26, 7:02pm Mark Burgess

Yeh mate a hear ya wernt easy at all. Worst day of my life leavening the reg only reali started gettin involved with local PRA bout 4yrs ago

1/26, 7:12pm Kev
I I have still to join the PRA. Have you joined the British Airborne Forces Club? Good bunch of lads. They do the Fan Dance once a year and the old P Coy 10 miler

Mark Burgess1/27, 9:43pm Mark Burgess


1/27, 9:45pm Kev
Was you still in when I get out?

Mark Burgess1/27, 9:49pm Mark Burgess

No mate finished end of 2000

1/27, 9:50pm Kev
ment to say got out. Sorry its the meds heads groggy.

/1/27, 9:54pm Mark Burgess

Well left reg end 2000 but official discharge summer 2001

1/27, 9:55pm Kev
Bet you dont miss the dump of a block in Aldershort. lol Its all pulled down now

mind you colly is no better

Mark Burgess1/27, 9:58pm Mark Burgess

Yeh massive revamp once battalion left for Colchester blocks not much betta. Ma mate Nige Hinkin ex 3 para to is livin in the traf and says all the reg stuff is back up now didn’t no they’d took it down lol

1/27, 10:00pm Kev
lol they had a major re-fit. i was in there during the p coy 10 miler last year.

Mark Burgess1/27, 10:02pm Mark Burgess

Arr that explains that one then mate. I’m off to me pit now 0500 start in the Mornin. AB

/1/31, 8:35pm Kev
Hi dude you get on the AB group?

Mark Burgess1/31, 8:40pm Mark Burgess

Not had time to look properly yet mate been busy as fuck mate

/1/31, 8:55pm Kev

I had to see my trick cyclist yesterday thinks parachuting is the cause of my screwed up head lol

Mark Burgess1/31, 9:00pm Mark Burgess

Lol were all a bit screwed up in the head from jumping out of a perfectly good aircraft lol Neva heard such a load of crap mate. Nowt to do with the million things we see that no one ever should. Fuckin civvies

/1/31, 9:02pm Kev
I know he could not believe it that we jumped ballon at night with full kit during our first jumps. His face was a picture lol

Mark Burgess1/31, 9:52pm Mark Burgess

I got a rush from it couldn’t wait to get back up lol

/1/31, 11:07pm Kev
Lol better man then me I hated it. What dud you like best ballon or c130? I hated the ballon more as it was so quite, hated it!

/2/2, 12:22pm Kev
Hi dude see the game yesterday
Mark Burgess2/2, 12:23pm Mark Burgess

Yeh mate we gifted the frogs that couldn’t beleave it

/2/2, 12:24pm Kev
should have had 2 paras team on it instead

Mark Burgess2/2, 12:25pm Mark Burgess


e/2/2, 12:27pm Kev
i had a run in with an ex hat last night. Put him right on a few facts in the end lol

Mark Burgess2/2, 12:33pm Mark Burgess

Haha nice mate

/2/2, 1:02pm Kev
Lol he was a guardsman gobbing off about how he was going to join 3 para but changed his mind as he wanted a career lol

Mark Burgess2/2, 1:22pm Mark Burgess

What a wanker. What he ment to say was he didn’t have what it takes to join reg so joined the tick tockers instead fuckin hats lol

/2/2, 1:30pm Kev
I never rated those ones tried to get attached to us

they tried*

/2/2, 2:46pm Kev
Did you know any of the blokes involved with this…/

about 3 para in Kajaki

/2/2, 4:27pm Kev
Do you remember the mad walshman from 3 Para MT ******* ****** lol

just had him gobbing off about the game lady night

/2/2, 5:24pm Kev
I take you dont know ******* ******?

Mark Burgess2/2, 5:26pm Mark Burgess

Name don’t ring a bell mate but I have probs with names and faces sometimes I know it but can’t place were

/2/2, 5:29pm Kev
Well you was B coy 6plt so you would not have seen him in the MT Pitt lol I suppose **** ********or **** ******* was more near you

/2/2, 7:23pm Kev
Have you seen this page (The Walter Mitty Hunters club HQ)

Mark Burgess2/2, 7:26pm Mark Burgess

Yeh there’s a few different ones on here lol

/2/2, 7:27pm Kev
You know you said you was B Coy 6 plt mortars .

In 2000

Have a guess who the CSM was?

And OC

/2/2, 8:27pm Kev
24 hrs to fezz up fella

Mark Burgess2/2, 8:36pm Mark Burgess

I confess kev am a Walt.

Mark then did one of the face of facebook.
Mark onlyserved for 9 months as a crow, MD from training at ATR Bassingbourne having never passed Basic, got back squaded through injury to his shin, but was then discharged.

No P Coy Records

No Para Records



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