Meet Neil Pardoe
Neil Pardoe,was sat in the smoky run down local pub and  handed a folder by a shadowy figure, the folder was a hit list,of TWMHCHQ admin. His orders were simple take no prisoners alive. They’re are out there, They’re are armed with airsoft, stick guns and crossbows with sights that make you look far away….A Crack-maga team taught by Cumper himself. are hunting us all…you’ve been warned.
Neil fell for the charms of a lady who just happened to friend him out of the blue and who then got right down to the nitty gritty and without a pause Neil obviously due to the “Oficial secrets act” could not talk about his SAS stuff despite plastering his page with pictures of him on specul secret ops  with a Nice Sussex armory hi power air rifle so often used by UKSF whilst out hunting Taliban rabbits. What a spunk trumpet
Once his walting ways were exposed he attempted to claim he only wore the headdress while hunting rabbits. Oh that’s alright then, only walting to Rabbits
No record of SAS service
Wabbits will fall when hit you utter CUMPER

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