Say Hi to Neil Parry

We were so happy he never confessed when we gave him the chance

For this Cumper we will let most of the Honey trap screen shots do most of the talking. Only to say using the made up death of any soldier just to impress is one of the lowest forms of Cumpery. Its a line that should not be crossed!
The Tip off
Hi sorry to bother you again got another member of the forum myself and fellow admin Tim isle think is a billy bullshitter his name is Neil parry and is blatantly coming out saying he joined 22 sas reg. Thanks for any help

Got some more information on how much Neil parry is a bullshitter he recently starting telling a story of how his brother who was sas as well died in Afghanistan and he was informed of his death via a copper from his local nick and we all know that’s not how you are informed about a loss got some more screenshots of his lies

Neil parry says he is second from right can’t remember the slr being still in use in 95





Then Claimed his brother was shot on Monday 3 Feb 2014, died on a operating table on the Friday, and saying it was a secret SAS op near Sangin.”

We checked via contacts and official records. No Brit KIA Reports! service with 22 SAS………………WHAT A CUMPER!!1926739_672439292795181_899068488_n

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