Welcome to the carnival world of  Jason M Hughes
Its Hong Kong Phoey Dressed by fucking Stevie Wonder out of the mess scran bag and you could just not make this one up!
Captured walting as a member of the 2nd Battalion Royal Green Jackets between 1987 to 1993. Claiming to be a PTE and also with section 7 
So lets just make this a quick one.
Wrong in every way!  Can’t even get the uniform right…what a throbber!!! RGJ became “The Rifles” in 2007, MTP did not come about till late 2010 ish? So se was obviously trailing MTP for the rest of the Army. As a Pte too! Not even a Rfn. Massive fail for walt.
Of all the pics on WMHCHQ over the last few years……this one has to be billed as the most cringiest we have seen..
Checked and confirmed. Never a member of the RGJ
WHAT A cumper
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