Never in the field of Human Cumpring has so much Cumpery been cumpered before…. until we met ” Mad Mac”
Is he taking the piss or what?


After reading up on Jonathan MacLeod-MacBeth Our eyes were bleeding and after much tea and dribble was spilt on the keyboard we went to work. There must be a Special E Service that we don’t know about.

as one of the team leaders who Mcbeth knows who he calls “Richard” we exposed only two weeks ago

So he joined the Army in April 1969. Even bezzy mates with Farrar the Para who knew him affectionately as “Mad Mac” No shit !! you are off your trolly.

We could go on but sod it as we ran out of dribble, just follow the links

And will see with a little bit of digging

Not known on the Lines, Para Reg. We gave “Mad Mac” a chance to come clean however he gave the Normal MO. One used so often. Yama Jadren still uses it to this day 😉


What an E bay Cumper


We saved the best bit for last

“Jonathan MacLeod-MacBeth anyone with the ‘FIRM’ keeps their gob SHUT or you may as well paint a bulls eye on your fore head ANDY McNAb is a WANTED man by the ‘FIRM’ bet he sleep lighty at night a moves a lot (be no suprize if he gets ZIPPED tho) in a bar,walking to your car, anywhere PHUTT GONE!!!!” Yes Mac you should have kept your facebook account gob shut !!!

Hit and like the only real Walter Mitty Hunters Club