The Cumpery is strong in this one observed Daft Rayborne! Master Shortt while playing with his new medal and sending plans to his Vice Admiral Hogden via spechul powers. (Yes Specual), noticed the strong presence of “Cumpfuckery” around the youngling known as Kyle TITchy Edgar.


A keen eyed member reported Kyle last year and we kept tabs on him for a few months, like we do with most of our Cumpers! We don’t like to dive in, well most of the time. We watch, We wait, have giggle before you lot then approach them and you know the rest.


At first glance we thought, just a kid dressing up then we saw kyle post images up of mainly 2 Para either on Ex or on operations, all taken from various Parachute Regiment facebook and MOD sites with the suggestion they were him. He then posted a picture up of him with a badly photo shopped maroon machine on his nut, supposedly holding and Operational Service Medal for Afghanistan.

There is also another picture, again taken from another facebook page of the Iraq and Afgan medals, with no mentioned of who they belong to.
finally he took a Selfie of himself in MTP, Maroon machine and sporting full screw tapes, what a climber in such a short space of time! This was then posted as his profile pic along with his main page sporting a PF member and a member of this club doing his routine Tommy Two Guns salute off the Tailgate of a C130. Not the first time a Walt has used our members pictures of Halo allyness for their own Cumpery and general walting it up.

We then attempted to speak with Kyle and at first he was not playing, We then contacted a few mates and they were shocked. We will let you read the screen shots and make up your own mind. Needless to say when Kyle knew the game was up he tried to blag his way out by claiming he is an Army Air Corps Reservist, re-fuelling and re-arming Operative, which is strange as at no point in his “once open” facebook page did he ever show pictures of himself in AAC uniform or a genuine picture of himself re-fuelling and Apache. He blocked us after we asked him for his number, sort of tells you. However, to give the benefit we sent out a CC1 for Army Air Corps Reservist and this is what we got back……. Part time Bloating. Hes in be it in a very limited and still in the recruiting stage

One message which we found hit the point was this

What a tool. For a start, before you’re even allowed to refuel you have to have completed all the basic training, and then a 2 week course at Wallop. If he hasn’t even attested then he wouldn’t be allowed anywhere near refuelling equipment, let alone aircraft.

Added to that, I’ve never ever seen him.

Again, if he allegedly lived in Colchester it’d be unlikely that his local TAC would be AAC, as the closest would be Ipswich which is 40 odd minutes away.

While I can’t say anything about his alleged Para career, his AAC career is a load of bullshit. He has since joined the AAC.

While browsing his facebook quickly, I’ve come to the realisation that a few of my brothers know this guy, apparently he’s absolutely full of shit and used to spout bullshit about how he suffered from PTSD from Afghan, and had a dog that was given to him to help his symptoms.

So there you go
Verdict The Cumpery was strong with this one and had we not intervened with some much needed Cumptherapy, Kyle could have elevated himself to the ranks of that most prestigious of walting Tony Cumpers 2IC. We hope he learns from this and adjusts. However,