Meet Simon Record played for the Crompton Cables FC in 1980’s just not Para Reg with the crew of 82

1376854_10200891194104538_1095526741_n    Hes taken it all down now. Suprise!


The WMHCHQ are shaking are heads in disbelief, I mean if your going to walt then do it properly and not just dress up in any bit kit you can get your mits on.  The beret  is not a beret of any shape or form and worn like a benny hill piss take then the airsoft rifle.why do these species of faeces not do a recce on how to carry it off. . However we are pleased they don’t as they are so entertaining.
1969, Falklands was 1982, that means he were 13….. Doing his homework and watching it on the news, he did well to be there..

or at any other time………WHAT A CUMPER!


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