Was in Depot Para as a JOW CROW in the early 90s for a very short time until it all got a bit to hard for him, but don’t let that stop Billy from singing shit dits in the local.

From one of several witness

i can confirm he is a damn right liar who claims to have served in parachute and SAS and apparently has 5 confirmed kills..

Just never passed Basic Training, Never passed P Coy, Never awarded the maroon beret. Never went on to earn his wings or even join a Battalion. So why is he making out in his local and collecting for Help for Heroes to have been a former “fully fledged” member of the Parachute Regiment. Well he tried to claim it was just fancy dress for the charity event and never meant to make out he was a Paratrooper.


There are other issues involving collection of charity funds but we will leave that to the correct people to investigate.

Yet another EDL member claiming to be something he is not. There are more!




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