Meet Martin Walker

He should grow longer ears to accommodate those SBS issue sideburns.
Mainly he was spotted for gift of a picture and  His BS comment about a mate being killed in action during a fire fight that never took place, then quoting the SBS motto. then wearing the headdress of the SBS and placing it as his profile. Its called suggestion. Why make up a story about a mate dying in Afghan that never took place. Its insulting!

Not known by Poole
No Para record
No RM was KIA or anyone called Bill over the weekend or in the situation Walker mentions.
The death of any soldier KIA would be reported. Only in films are there such things as Deny ops.
Why do walts invent such tales of their best buddy dying in action?
We contacted Martin. He did not want to talk about it. He then did a facebook skedaddle.


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