Meet Iain Dunn


Claiming to be a member of 7th Parachute Regiment Royal Horse Artillery P as well Company Staff and the undefeated British Army Boxing Champion for five years. Wow I hear the members of the Walter Mitty Hunters Club HQ as you spit half a mouth full Iron Brew over the keyboard. However, slight flew that those claims.

Not known to the Army Boxing Team, No Para qualifications held and not known to 7 RHA or P coy staff. from members spanning 22 years…soooooooooooo


The photo of Dunn shows him setting off stolen smoke grenades, which is a civil firearms offence for storing and discharging such items. He is also wearing wings which he never earned.


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If they are paying money on the premise that the training they receive is based on training and experience based on lies then that is sailing pretty close to fraud. If you was a driving instructor and claimed to have been a police high speed pursuit driver qual in order to boost your class size and beat the competition, we sure you would agree that the Met Police might take an interest in your activities.

We contacted Mr Dunn but he was unavailable for comment.



What a Bloating Bellendicous Cumperious of the highest order CUMPER.

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