Walts and Bloaters are like quality street and everyone want one and out the Tine comes Matthew Sayer’,

a legend in his own lunchbreak.
Problem is, that ‘Instructor Mat’ was never in the Parachute Regiment, never did P Company and never did his BPC for his wings.


Matt you earn them in two parts mate,  P Coy then once you get a slot Brize

Although you wouldn’t think it from this tattoo that he was full on Para reg!

Saddest thing about this one is he was in the army, he was in (21 Royal Engineers) but, not content with this, made up his own story.

Fact is that he joined Royal engineers in 2009 and was made redundant in 2012 (21 Royal Engineers)

He was a Sapper. So a Boater

He DID go to afghan (2010) but only did 2 months. However the names of the lads on his tat (2 para and 4 para) were killed in 2011 – NOT when he was on tour.


Claims to be a Private, he was a Sapper. Claims he was PTI qualified yet has never been move and tracked to Aldershot where the course is held.
Forgets to mention he was in Colchester, Berechurch Hall road from Feb to March 2012. That is MCTC.

He was there, left, then out of the army.
He was discharged after MCTC with ‘do not soldier on’.

No P Coy Record

No Para Record


If you sign up here you might be lucky enough to be trained by ‘

Since we exposed him its all gone, what a shock!

Bloating your service is sometimes much worse WHAT A BLOATER

From some who knew him

“I was in same Regt at time he was in Afghan although I was in different places to him throughout the tour. The bloke was a serial liar. Really sick and unbelievable lies as well.”

“I was in 21 when this weasel turned up. Absolute ballbag of a lad. Constantly on the blag to the point he couldn’t keep up with his own lies. That back tattoo offends me deeply and is a slap in the face to the lads who died on that tour and to members of Para Reg. Embarrassed to be associated-by-cap badge with this twat.”

His local paper think he a bit of a local hero


Not long after we exposed his  Bloating this appears. We are watching!


Hit and like the only real Walter Mitty Hunters Club