This plank was exposed by the Sun a few years ago. However, Dall was spotted last night up to his old tricks and made the mistake last night of
 spouting his one para bull to two soldiers in the Crown Pub Ludgershall Wilts. He was clocked almost immediately and door staff had to restrain one and escort him from the premises for his own safety.
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AN INTERNET phoney seduced up to 50 women — by posing as a war hero Para.

Love-rat Brian Dall, 45, claimed he was a Parachute Regiment sergeant who had saved lives in Iraq and Afghanistan.

He swept scores of lonely single mums off their feet with tales of heroism, including being shot by terrorists.

Dall is really an unemployed electrician who lives with his MUM.

He dressed in full Para combat uniform when he arrived for dates with women he had met in net chatrooms.

He seduced them with his lies — and bizarrely mowed their lawns for them.

Victims fear Dall, who was using up to eight chatrooms, may have made 50 conquests.

Mum-of-five Sharron Lee-Johnson said yesterday: “Brian claimed he had served in the Paras for 20 years. He told me marks on his chest were battle scars and bullet wounds from Iraq.”

Sharron, 36, of Chingford, East London, added: “He cheated his way into my bed by claiming to be a hero.”

Sharron found out about the deception through a pal who knew of four other women Dall had chatted up.

One grew suspicious and followed him to Ludgershall, Wilts, where he was living with his mother and claiming the dole.

Rachel Burton, a 36-year-old grandma, said Dall arrived to meet her at Brighton station in full Para uniform.

And Vicky Lynch, 34, of Aldershot, Hants, said he threatened her with Military Police for cancelling a date.

Dall denied knowing the women, claiming a “pathetic” conman stole his identity after an ex-girlfriend posted photos of him on the internet in Territorial Army uniform.

He added: “I’m livid. I admire our soldiers and I would never pretend to be something I’m not.”

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