Not much can be said for this plastic gangster Lewis other than What a complete Cumper. More so after you read his boasting which will make your eyes bleed and make you vomit from your nose…Possibly crap yourself at the same time!

We was alerted to him a few days ago. A first glance you could be mistaken for it being Cumper Hunter bait. However after digging a little deeper and getting behind the lines “As we do” šŸ˜‰ we began running him through our stringent checks………after we picked ourselves up off the floor.




No Para History
No SF background
No Military History.

found this picture in google images its a wiki images picture…/8037084…


PM sent and asked him the basic Qs and why such Cumpery only to be met with silance then a full on take down…..of his cumper pictures that is

Runing him thought the “Cumper annalistic data base” Read…………….WHAT A CUMPER!!!

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