Andy Edmonds


After the hilarity of our exclusive’s this week, Shaun Williams or whatever he wants to call himself next, Yo yo SAS man Mark Allan….again and Derek Lu freefalling into bloaterdom and ridicule.
We thought it was time to turn our attention to the fitness game again. We all thought we had seen it all with the antics of Chris Geran.

Chris was one our Walter Cumpers exposed on the old page who sold himself as an ex Royal Marine with several operational tours under his lycra belt and who was more than qualified (so he made out to the press and Nike fitness) to beast unsuspecting people into thinking they were getting a taste of the real Royal Marine training, from the real deal. He forgot the roll matts ;). Turns out he never was and the Nike club near Cannery Wharf dropped him from their ranks as fast as Usain Bolt could run in a pair their dip daps as soon as we exposed him.

Then along came Andy Edmonds.
Those on LinkedIn can view his profile, (as it looks now).
HM Forces
Government Agency; 10,001+ employees; Military industry
July 1984 – September 1997 (13 years 3 months) HM Forces
I served 13 years service within the armed forces. My duties have taken me to Northern Ireland,Belize,Kenya,Iraq and a number of other locations on exercises. During this time I embarked on training courses that qualified me in positions as a Physical Trainer (Physical Training Instructor), sniper training as well as training to become a Corporal.”


Now, we know what you are all saying so far. “There is no Walting here and the, mark of Cumper has not touched this poor soul”.
Well, sadly for Andrew we have been watching him for quite a while and after a few background checks and screen captures we found out he was never a paratrooper and several Royal Marines from the years he claims to have been 45 also have never heard of him. “But where did he say he was a Paratrooper or Royal Marine” we here you ask?

Feel free to peruse the links and screen shot of his linked in page before it was changed a few days ago. was a Paratrooper for a decade and then spent three-and-a-half years in the Royal Marines – both times as a corporal.He was Army Welterweight Boxing Champion (1988-1991), and Armed Forces Triathlon Champion (1987-1992), and was in the England National Boxing Team for six years.

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I served as a Paratrooper and Royal Marine for ten years, competed internationally as Army boxing welterweight champion and played pro-football for Reading FC. I have also completed numerous marathons and triathlons.

Andy was born in 1967 in Aldershot, Hampshire, England. At the age of 17 he joined the 3rd Battallion Parachute Regt, where he served 2 tours in Northern Ireland (Derry and Argmah). He also spent time in Kenya, Belize, Denmark, Germany, Iceland and operations in Iraq 1991. During his 9 years he completed PTI training, P Company, and 4 years with Army Corps of Physical Training. He has also completed his Commando Training with the Royal Marines. Andy says “…throughout my career I have also enjoyed my sporting achievements – 3 years Army Welterweight Champion, which led me to compete in international tournaments for my Country. I have also competed in athletics and had professional terms with Reading Football Club. I enjoy helping others to enjoy sport, exercise and physical training as much as I do.”

He changed this after he was openly asked by former members of 3 Para at the time as to who he was. He never replied, How rude!.

We confronted Andy and once he knew the game was up Squat Thrusted his way to a Computer and deleted his Walting claims. We will add this is not to say he has never served, only problem before he had a change of heart the only two units he would ever mention are the ones he deleted.

Its Just a pity he could not delete the news articles and the other gumph he was bluffing to reporters about.


We think the best is yet to come but end of the day. Walting Bloater…………..What a CUMPER!!!