Meet Christopher Evens
Yes, he is wheelchair bound but this should not exclude him for being exposed as a Walter Cumper and this group do not condone any form off disability discrimination.
The Tip off

Check out this Group – MVSS (Military Veterans Support Service)
The actual Group is now 2 – Chris and Jim! as they cannot prove service and some of the claims were absolutely unbelievable,the other lads left. Check out the photos,Chris has a different Beret in each one – regularly wears a SAS Beret,obviously he was on the Balcony – BBC Radio interview him last year to do a piece on PTSD and his claims were so outrageous that they had to call me and ask for my help in getting a Veteran to step in and do the interview at the last minute – programmed was on BBC Radio Wales called “Eye on Wales” last November – Claims to be councilor,doing PHD blah,blah,blah – all crap..Gives out Business cards with “Phoenix Intel” and tells Boys if they get lifted by Police,call him and he will get them released! – Claims to be serving in 203 Medics (TA) in Cardiff,when I went there for a meeting they had never heard of him
We will add this outing is not aimed at any of the others who were members of this Group as some who worked for local authority nearly lost their careers over an incident with this group due to Chris and his pork pies and Cumper behavior. So please do refrian from tarring them with the same brush most if not all have since left the group

Chris wears SAS and Parachute Regiment Pin Badges and a Maroon beret in some of the pictures but there are no any records of him serving in either unit or being attached to them. So far,over a 3 year period he has claimed at various stages to have been: Medic,SAS,Para,Green Jackets,14 Int (hence his business cards),and Rifles…When he has been challenged to prove his service,he could not produced any evidence what so ever and when asked about his number his reply? “I can’t remember” This then went on to “its secret due the official secrets act” That old chest nut!!

Dr.Neil Kitchener at Cardiff University Hospital who was in 203 Medics (TA) Has never heard of him,also Lt.Col (retd) John Skipper who was Signals in NI has never heard of him, despite Chris telling everyone he is best mates with both of these individuals!

We will leave the medals issue to the club to discuss.

Never served in the Parachute Regiment
Never served in the SAS
Never Passed P Coy or UKSF Selection
Never passed a Basic Parachute Course
Never Passed or attended Camp 1 or 2 for special duties and has never heard of by Chicksands contacts.

We will pass judgment for the time being over his membership in some form with the Armed forces, so for now….

Verdict…..Bloater and What an utter Cumper