Meet Dave “nail gun” Russell

The Tip offThe profile of a Walt, who’s real name is Dave Russell.

The very same Dave who was in the paper after he shot himself with a nail gun and claimed to have been attacked in order to receive compensation. He claims to have been a Royal Marine and ML at that. However he is a con artist who collects for charities but keeps the donations for himself.
Spotted “Cumpering it up” under the FB user name of “DA VY”,on the official “Royal Marine Recruitment page for potentials preparing for recruit training in 2010 3 years after admitting in court he was never in the RM. Da vy was constantly posting pics that were not his and “guiding” people based on his so called “experience”.

Until one of the guys found the article in the paper, he alerted a few of the others and on further investigation it was found that his photos were stolen from well known British Military FB pages. Once asked the killer question he went into Cumper SOP and deleted his Cumper stolen photo stash.

Then like magic after the dust settled he tried it again in 2013

“Russell, who also admitted one unrelated charge of fraud by claiming on a job form that he had served in the Royal Marines for 18 years, was bailed to return to court for sentence on November 14. 2007″BBC One – Claimed and Shamed, Episode 1, David Russell’s nail gun attack cumpring it up

What A CUMPER…Looks like you have been “Nailed” again. lol let the Mocking begin !

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