Meet Derek Lu SBS Bloater and teller of tall tales

Well we knew it would not be long before we found an SBS walter Cumper. Meet Derek Gook (his facebook alias)Real name Derek Lu. He was part of 7 (Sphinx) Commando light Battery R.A. in 1976 until 81, However, he went on to claim to have gone 45 Cdo as an MFC during 82 then onto the SBS for several years..

As per Bloater norm they forget the HALO pictures being used bloat were well used stock photos of PF.
SBSA also did not know our Derek and no HALO quals listed under Lu or his number, unucky.

Will they ever learn.

Several people chatted to Derek from young girls to old men all told the same tales of daring do. However once he knew the game was up after a few convos on a known bootneck site and like a right Cumper his pictures and bloating came down as quick as you could say…Drill Handgrande in the house!!.;)

Read the last convo

Our man.
I will cut to the chase Derek. You have been spotted bloating as being a member of Poole when you are not known by the SBSA. Why?

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Derek Lu
not me my son put it on

Our man
What that you was ex Poole. Why would he do that?

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Derek Lu
i hav taken all the post down what my son posted .

he loves the sbs

Our man
So you was not down south in 82, it was your son who posted that as well?

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Derek Lu
Yes he did, I got out as my wife didn’t like army life I left just before the Falklands end of 1981 after i left we split up . đŸ˜¦

i joined the TA did 11years then gave up.

Our man
So I take it he made you wear this on your blazer and post pictures that is was you on the boat down south.

Our man sends screen shots and links

Contact ends after Derek blocks our man. However, Our girl still managed to capture all his bloating screen shots before he took them down.

Job done.

Got out just before the Falklands ?? why you wearing the medal then you bloater?

The sphinx unit he actually served with wasn’t bad ffs  So Why oh why do it?


Never Para Trained and made the ultimate walting mistake of using the walts favorite HALO photos which is in fact members of the Pathfinder platoon.  Not John and Jenner

Never SBS

Never in the Falklands war.