Every now and again an outing on The WMHCHQ could be viewed as better than watching Anal Armageddon in 3D with a bumper pack of Wankspangles and an extravaganza-sized box of man-sized tissues immediately to hand. The wife & kids are packed off to bed, and up and down the land Men both young and old settle down for a memorable walt moist night’s entertainment– at someone else’s expense. We suggest you fill up the Tissues as sex wee will be a flowing on this Cumper

Next! Step forward Edward Brunton.


Brunton appeared on our radar after several ladies contacted the old disbanded page over a period of days after that cad and bounder John Pugh aka Beau Plantard hit the headlines over his serial cumpfuckery ta boot. Obviously the WMHCHQ are always keen to hear about such bounders and cads and more so those who use stories from books and films as sob stories to gain sympathy and treasure ….I… say!!!

Please not. The press are very keen on Brunton and his antics so please watch this space. This is more to his walting!


Once armed with the relevant information and the bit and bobs he used to convince people he was the real deal in the form of a citation composed like nothing seen since the famous discharge letter of Mike Golden. ..google him.


We could tell the Discharge letter was fake, but we like to get more specialised eyes and this is what we got.

“100% fake As this on top of other things is fraud. The letter isn’t on the typical format. I very much doubt an SAR was filled in for this. None of the personal details are correct. The content and layout in the letter doesn’t fall in line with JSP 101 The fact this idiot has forged a current serving officers signature is bad enough but an Army DD108 form is a US Army form. A D108 form doesn’t exist in the UK “ 

We asked a former member of 22 SAS to have a peek and this was the reply.

“Fucking hell!! This is a screamer! Mark Carlton Smith actually signed MY discharge certificate and was CO back in 2004-6!! He had been DSF by this time !! And who the fuck is B Troop?!?! I want to stab this guys eye out with a fork!!!”


A list of some the crackers

  1. He would talk often about how he should be dead many times over, how he’d spent weeks in holes hiding out having to eat and “crap in a bag!” and stay unseen, how he’d eaten Un – imaginable things to survive
  2. .Talked about a burn to his chest from a flash bang injury.
  3. A wound to his left inside forearm sustained from a knife attack whilst being cpo for Brad Pitt!
  4. He sobbed whilst retelling a story in Afghanistan when he had to shoot a boy because their position was compromised.
  5. Cried again with claims to have known John Macaleese and says he knows Bear Grylls.
  6. He was involved in the incident where the soldiers died due to dehydration on selection on the Brecon Beacons.
  7. He said he was part of the team that were involved in an experiment at Parkhurst Prison where they were testing it’s security levels
  8. They were locked up and escaped in 4 hours.
  9. He had a phone call and sat and cried in front of friends and reletives while informing all around  that another of his ‘team’ had been killed…
  10. How another of his colleagues committed suicide and had ‘gassed’ himself
  11. He talked about how he blamed himself for the death of a colleague whilst on another job as they switched positions seconds before shots were fired and his “mate” was killed instead of him.
  12. After Prince George was born he had to stay with William and Kate and protect the baby as there was a terror threat against
  13. He was involved in the murder of Princess Diana.
  14. He was a bodyguard to Princes Diana.
  15. How he jumped into the sea off the coast of Israel to recuse some top officials
  16. Killed a boy goat herder was going to tell the enemy.
  17. Would frequently go on jobs to Syria after direct request were made for their TOP man. Lucky them!


The list of howlers went on and it was clear he was spinning a well-rehearsed lines of caccaa shit dits to women who had not watched Navy Seals with Charley sheen or read some of those well-thumbed Walt Porn that is Combat Magazine.


So after picking ourselves up and resetting the ribs,a classic sting operation ensued, with one of the admin drawing the short straw and masquerading as a young female who likes scuba diving and pretty things and a like. “Our girl” once suitably walt moistened up, went to work on Brunton and made the first move. (For operational reasons we can’t divulge how we chat them up, other than the Honey trap wears a short netball shirt and red lippy so to keep in character) Sexy beast!

Like the best train wrecks, it happened in slow motion. Within a day of chatting up our new pray Brunton could not help himself with that classic one liner “I don’t normally tell people this but I was in the SAS” From that point you could not stop him. He even joined the SFSG at18. I bet he knows Dr Who as well., from this point we will let the screen shots do the rest. There is some small talk but there are some cracking and rip roaring wankpangly, spunktrumperty yarns to be told!


We could go on but you get how this little gem was going.


Soon it was time to let Brunton knew the game was up. One of our admin ask if he was the same guy mentioned on the WMHCHQ wall to which he replied



He then deleted his account after this Hum Dinger of a photo went up on our wall.



No P Coy Records

No Para Records

No London Gazette entry  for commission or gallantry medals.

Not known at 22 SAS

No records of a service!

But…………………. did some undercover work for Pontins in 1994.








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