To bloat or not to bloat, that is the question’. and how fitting a question in regards to our next offering of Bloatarge-do-cumpery in the form of Claire-Janine Adams.or Claire Richardson or Chloe Roberts as she keeps changing it 😉


Let it not be said in an age of a gender fair society that we discriminate!


Before we commence a little brush up on the differences between walting cumpery and Bloating Cumpery.


Walting   “Those who have never served or attended Depot but never passed out and parade around with medals and uniforms or berets that have not been officially awarded or earned”.  


 Bloating   “Those who have served yet feel the need the exaggerate their service for advantage, position, financial or ego reasons”.


To some Bloating is considered much worse than full on walting due to the fact the individual has served and should know better than to exploit the hardships and sacrifice of those they pretend to be or operations they make out to have served just for an advantage in so it comes as no surprise that Bloating will in some cases be vigorously defended when CV and professional profiles have been exaggerated to give a misleading career history.


Now as most members know and unlike the press we give the people report on a chance to rectify the insult but a simple acknowledgment followed by an apology and off to the walt vault they go with no one the wiser as to what detail of the walting amounted to. For example one lad two months ago was full on walting even at his wedding and holds a very respectable job where his stories ran wild. Once he knew the games was he made his apology and moved on and good for him for having the strength of character to do the right thing!


The Tip Off!

“Hi there, I am a ex serving female soldier an ex colleague who is also out now who has been posting a pic of her medals, she never went to Iraq or Afghan and never corrects the fact, I find it extremely offensive and others do too.

She was RLC her name through service was Foster, she is divorced. She never went to Iraq as she was a phase 1 instructor and throughout most of Afgan she had two children 16 months apart. She joined in 1995 and left in 2010. I know she has also claimed to have served in Northern Ireland which again is a lie

It is so disrespectful for all the lads and lasses who have lost their life or limb out there.”



Having looked at the medals in conjunction with Adams comments and the tip off we decided to do a bit of digging and after a slight scratch of the internet surface and it was not hard to find cracks in her comments.


Our investigations.

Firslty as always we carefully check for innocent errors or people who for whatever reason are deliberately setting someone up for a fall (we have had that before and we are wise to it) We never go on hearsay evidence and we don’t go on just one piece of open source intelligence.


Intelligence is the form used to provide evidence


First we managed to get screen grabs of two online profiles with information submitted by Adams.

As you can see the LinkedIn profile (before a magical change soon after 12/02/2016 which reads:


Then after we approached her there are few subtle changes. Note NI has now gone! Funny that as she has no NI GSM on her rack, did the ARMY miss that one out on her 108?



We then find Adams Career history on Gym24seven




Again on or after the 12/02/2016 she gets the profile deleted from the server, but cache being the bugger it is……Opps there it is. NI, Iraq and Afghan.


We then found an online CV that she posted.  Again she mentions serving under HMG career history in NI, Iraq and Afghanistan.



“Deployed on Op Herrick 2010 (Afghanistan) as a training wing SNCO, carried out periodic training for regimental duties”


So as we were about to check more in-depth Claire-Janine Adams contacts the WMHCHQ on the 12 Feb 2016 at 15:37


Roll up the screen shots convo. (Some personal details has been hidden).


12 FEBRUARY 15:37


Claire-Janine Adams

Hi, Just a quick one to let you know I’m getting Greif for posting a medal photo. My medals were recently stolen from a ex. My friends rallied together to buy me new ones but unfortunately they were wrong I posted a pic and stated the were wrong and I was going to get them sorted. Now someone is threatening to expose me even though I admitted it from the off. I don’t know wether this is important to you or not. But I thought I would let you know. I’ve deleted the pic and once they are changed I will re post the correct ones. Sorry if the is ridiculous as I’m sure you have more important things to deal with.

The Walter Mitty Hunters Club HQ

So what ones were not yours?


Claire-Janine Adams

The Iraq and the Bosnia although, Bosnia is mine but the wrong dates. It’s not my friends fault he just got them wrong. I did state that they were wrong.

Is their a problem?

The Walter Mitty Hunters Club HQ

Yes! Iraq and Afghan! and where you were posted


Claire-Janine Adams

I was in Pirbright and 7 Regt and 19 Sqn, 3 Sqn and 16 sqn.

Oh 27 regt as well, I spent some time in deep cut it as well.

The Walter Mitty Hunters Club HQ

So what about Iraq and Afghan?

Claire-Janine Adams

No Iraq medal was awarded. Although my bloody military records state they did. I can screen shoot it if you want.

Sorry before I send my military records can I ask who I’m talking to first?

The Walter Mitty Hunters Club HQ

What about the Afghan one?

Claire-Janine Adams

What afghan one? I’m talking about Bosnia and Iraq? I’ve never mentioned Afghan to you. Who are you before I send my details please? or do you have a number I can call.

The Walter Mitty Hunters Club HQ

Right ok, that’s cool then

Claire-Janine Adams

So can we chat then I’ve got my old former pal, he’s wanting to speak with you as I’m getting upset and I don’t want send my army docs if I don’t know you, this is nothing against you it’s just there is personal details on it.

Claire-Janine Adams

I’m confused as what that means do you want my docs then? I can send them right now via email or screen shot I just want this cleared up please.

13 FEBRUARY 09:08

The Walter Mitty Hunters Club HQ

So you never went to Afghan?

Claire-Janine Adams

Yeah I was there for 2 years.

The Walter Mitty Hunters Club HQ

What dates as three people you served with are claiming you never served in Afghan

Claire-Janine Adams

December 2012- October 2014 just short of 2 years.

I’m not sure I only know of one person who is saying I didn’t serve.

This isn’t a medal campaign that’s how the guys have got the medals wrong they took my 108 and went off what it says of the paperwork and bought me my replacement medals but the 108 is wrong.

The Walter Mitty Hunters Club HQ

So you are telling us you deployed to Afghan?

Claire-Janine Adams

Yes I went to Afghan I was in Kabul.

But it’s not a medal that’s why they are wrong.

The Walter Mitty Hunters Club HQ

Also why did you not mention the Iraq medal was wrong in the screen shot we have?

Claire-Janine Adams

I did I said they medals are wrong and the Bosnia one is the wrong dates. If I was trying to lie why would I say they were wrong. If anything I’m wrong for wording it wrong.

The Walter Mitty Hunters Club HQ

Was you in Afghan as a Private security contractor?

Claire-Janine Adams

Listen I’ve had to complain to the army complaints jsp as I’ve had threats from a serving solider, I’ve spoken to the powers and unfortunately a mistake which I clearly said was. Has now become a witch hunt.

Yes I was. Everyone knows this. Well you wouldn’t because you don’t know me.

The Walter Mitty Hunters Club HQ

so the Afghan medal, why was you awarded it?

Claire-Janine Adams

The men who bought me the medals are willing to explain that it was a mistake. And I hold my hands up to not wording this right. I’m happy to send you my paperwork. If you want it to show how the mistake happened what more can I give you?

The Walter Mitty Hunters Club HQ

Are you claiming you was awarded the Afghan medal on the back of Private security contract?


Claire-Janine Adams

I wasn’t awarded it like I said it’s a mistake. My medals were stolen most my certificates and memorabilia were destroyed by a disgruntled ex my friends rallied together and bought me the wrong medals they even put the wrong names on the medals. I said all this in the post. I posted it because I couldn’t believe they would do that as it was kind of them the person you are dealing with right now. Had the problem no one else. That person isn’t on my Facebook so they would of had to of seen the post via another person.

The Walter Mitty Hunters Club HQ

So now you are saying three medals were a mistake?

Claire-Janine Adams

Are you actually listening to me? Your being very blunt and not listening to what I’m saying? This is an awful mistake that my friends made they bought me them out of good faith if I was worried I would of never of approached you this message in the first place. I’ve said from the legibility post that it was a mistake. Why do you keep asking the same questions when I’ve answered them time and time again. Do you want my military records or not?

Claire-Janine Adams

I’m going to send you my docs, can you assure me they won’t be posted on the Internet? And will destroy them once you have seen them? Ive been told not to do this but I think once you see them you will realise why the medals were wrong.


The Walter Mitty Hunters Club HQ

Claire if you read back you will see you first claimed only the Iraq and Bosnia was a mistake, you tried to retain the Afghan until we asked you more in depth, you then admit the Afghan was a mistake despite attempting to suggest you was in Afghan as a HMG posting, then admit its was a Private contractor posting. Which you know you don’t get awarded a medal for. Can you see how this is panning out. You give your docs to your mate to get new medals made and you don’t check those docs before handing them over? Can you see where this is heading?

Claire-Janine Adams

Not at all I never gave my docs to my friends it was a surprise. They were a present to me, do you want these docs or not? I have said from the very beginning they are wrong I’ve never said anything other than that. The original post of medals was a “I’m very happy that these guys did this for me” and I clearly state I will get them sorted as they are wrong. I’ve removed the post and said I will re post once they are sorted I’ve never wore them. Only had them a week and a bit. What more can I do?

Claire-Janine Adams

I’m sorry but why the hell would I approach you if I was blagging, this it can all be proved. The guys who bought me the medals are ex service lads it’s not like they are civys.

The Walter Mitty Hunters Club HQ

You would approach us for damage limitation reasons. We get it a lot!

The thing is once we post your come on down, within that 24 hour grace period more people start flooding in with claims you made to them.


Claire-Janine Adams

Not from me you won’t, I know the post I wrote I know I stated they were wrong I don’t want to argue with you and I understand this is a must for you to sort out.

If you post about me there is nothing I can do about. I know how it goes you have to research first. Then once you are happy that the person is a walt you then post. Is that right?

14 FEBRUARY 15:38

Claire-Janine Adams

I’ve been told to send you a message via an old colleague to state that I lied about the medals but I truly can’t as this was a mistake. It’s like making a statement to make others content. The medals were bought by friends and they got them wrong. I’ve offered to show you my documents to show you how it happened. My friend wants me to say I lied to you. But I can’t as its not the truth.


Convo as Claire-Janine Adams ends.

Soon after Claire changed her profile name as well as her linkedin profile and Gym 24seven account. We wonder why !




So there you have it. Adams sort of admits she was never awarded the Iraq and Afghan GSM, but for some reason her work colleges surprise her by using the information on her 108 which she forgot to highlight the glaring mistakes made by Army records, and yet at no point that we can see ever highlights the mistake other than the Bosnia medal having the wrong dates. We then find further evidence of bloating her service in Ni, Iraq and Afghan as a member of the British Army and that she was never a promoted SNCO, but left as a JNCO.

You then have to ask yourself.

  1. Why did she submit her 108 to another person knowing information on it was incorrect and never rectifying it? Adams must have presented it to someone!
  2. Why did she post a rack of medals on her page and after 143 likes and 32 comments knowing two OSM’s were not only wrong, but had never been awarded to her?
  3. Why after 134 likes and 32 comments did she not rectify the mistake on her post where she only mentions the wrong date on the Bosnia medal?
  4. Why does she claim on her Gym24seven and profile to have served in NI, Iraq and Afghan.
  5. Why did she get it taken down after our conversation what did she have to hide?
  6. Why did she change her facebook profile name after our conversation?


Adams did not need to make out operational service in NI, Iraq or Afghan, but she clearly did and clearly attempted to conceal that fact once she knew the WMHCHQ were watching. We know some PMC jobs do come with a Pre-requisite of operational service in NI, Iraq or Afghan, but this is not a show stopper or an excuse to bloat your service. This is not the first time we have exposed someone who bloated his/her service to gain percunary advantage on a job, for an example read Mark James Allan who bagged a job as an Ops manager in a nice office job within the green zone. He said he was an ex WO etc. He landed a cushy job in the private security sector by walting his CV, but was later found out” They always do in the end.

She may have served and may have been an exceptional soldier, but she bloated her service history and it was not a friends mistake.


Verdict What a Bloating waltingmatilder.



For all your walting needs visit the one and only WMHCHQ