Last year we helped the Liverpool echo expose Heroes and the Fallen main man behind a new unregistered military charity based in Blackpool, what a surprise, the same area as most of them.

The Charity Commission has issued the warning after the men were seen selling the bands in the city centre

The following day after our help the newspaper named the seller as Mark Wallace of Blackpool,who just happened to be the owner of the company. Wallace used to collect for Army of Angels.

Man who sparked Liverpool city centre wristband warning claims he is ‘only guilty of ignorance’

To date Wallace still uses a mobile phone and his web page has not changed.

Over the last few weeks Heroes and the Fallen sellers have been out in force over the country attempting to convince the general public and at times in an aggressive stance to buy their writs bands and claim they are collecting for Blesma by showing a letter headed piece of paper on their clipboards.



Using out of date ID cards.


Claiming to be collecting for BLESMA


We managed to contact Blasma and here is the official line.

 Unfortunate we are aware of this group who are working around the country.

Last year they made a donation to our Blackpool Home and at the time, they had no reason to think that the method of raising money was questionable.

Subsequently, we have become aware, via local authorities, local press and the police that they are ‘collecting in our name’.

They are not and we have no dealings with them, have not accepted any further donations and will not do so until they demonstrate they fundraise in an ethical way and are properly registered with the appropriate authorities.



An Example of two sellers being confronted by a member of the club

Walking through town with my Wolves REA coat on, lad selling wristbands in aid of those who suffer with PTSD.

Me- where’s your charity number.

He – gets flustered.

Me -where’s your street collection licence.

He – gets aggressive squares up to me telling me he doesn’t like my attitude. Another scammer comes over.

Me – Ask him same questions.

He – we are not a charity. We can’t become a registered charity until we raise £5000. Me – So how much goes to charity?

He – about 60% Me – are you actually a company?

He – no.

Me – well look here you are registered as a company.

He – starts to get flustered.

Me changing tack – where’s your permission from the council to trade or collect on the street?

He – don’t need one as we are not collecting but selling.

Me – you do need a licence (I know because last time I did a charity collection in Wolves I had to apply for a licence and send in risk assessments etc).

He – now becomes more flustered and his oppo is now becoming even more aggressive in the high street with lots of folks now watching. So I change tack again.

Me – ok fair enough. So who do you raise for?

He – those troops who suffer with PTSD.

Me – what charity names do you donate to.

He – Blesma and someone who looks after WW1 graves in France.

Me – oh so you donate to the CWGC?

He – no who are they?. Me – they are the commission who are solely in charge of looking after war graves within the commonwealth.

Me – So you support Blesma I see. What they do?

He – support vets with PTSD. Me- really? I thought it was a limbless association.

He – now gets aggressive and says I have a letter from trading standards.

Me – really? At this point I start to call the council to log complaint.

They then scarper before the council can take their details. Fuckin scumbag scammers. Upshot is wolves council now aware.

If you see them report them to the police or local council. They are operating illegally and taking much needed funds from the real charities.

Here are a few coincidences with Blackpool




Mark Wallace we know what you are up to. 603868_759215667511022_3514955929551593157_n