Yo Ho Ho and a bottle of Rum. Gather round me shipmates for a tale of woe as we enter the world of Richard Powell. Richy baby blipped on the Cumper radar after his rather angry posts  towards the police on One Police UK FB Page, where he started to accuse the police of all sorts.

His page was viewed (as you do) and his rather impressive medal tally stuck out like Tony Cumper doing an anti-piracy patrol in Roundhay Tropical World leeds. Further investigation and his own relative let him down with the classic line “you are always buying medals and showing me”  Powell replies “I only replace the ones lost to me” But hang on. Lost to whom?. Before you ask, No the invisible man was not holding a gun to his head in order to force him to wear that Asda jacket and strides.





Then Powells story started to change………..

Richard Powell Persistent little beggars aren’t you, the medals, and badges on my blazer, represent not just me, but also my brother (17/21 lancers)and my father (RE), who are sadly no longer with us, so if you want to slag off the dead, go ahead, it wouldn’t surprise me in the least. If i wore all my dad’s i would start keeling over. I’m only sorry i don’t have my grandads too, as i would be proud to display those as well. If you are a representation of modern police, you’ve shown what low life you are, and no, i do not want your apologies!!!”


After more questions the wheels started to come off Powells medal tally and went from wearing his relatives to wearing licence medal manufactures medals. in other words Ebay bling. So what ones were yours and which ones were your relatives Powell, He would not divulge that one despite claims of serving in two combat zones?


Richard Powell Now we are getting stupid. To label someone a “Walt” for wearing privately commissioned medals is truly pathetic, there are 100s of thousands that do so, hence the abundance of officially licensed medal manufacturers. These guys have done their service, and are proud to show it. If someone served in Hong-Kong, they may buy the Hong Kong medal, if they served in Germany, they may buy the Germany medal, that’s up to them, not you. Your criteria is seriously out-dated, and you have no logical argument!!”


Richard Powell Oh really, are you now gonna tell all the licensed medal companies not to make privately commissioned medals, because you’ll call all their customers wants? You’re making yourself look dumber each time. I hope they commission a medal for the brave lads involved in the “yangtse incident”, just because they didn’t award them a medal, doesn’t mean it didn’t happen!”


First Powell needs to read the guidance, as issued by the Royal British Legion.

Unofficial medals are those not awarded by, or approved for wear by, the Sovereign. Legion officials (particularly including Standard Bearers and Parade Marshals) should not wear them, and the Legion’s position is to discourage the practice in general, as it detracts from the importance of official medals worn with the Queen’s permission



Then he needs to get some mates who served in the Silent service with him, because guess what? After a full weekend of getting his fizog around the various closed groups dedicated to those who go deeper than a deep thing. Not one could vouch for Robert Powell other than to rip his bloating out of the water.


Heaps of responses….all saying fake.


Good feedback from both groups, which comprise of a lot of old submariners from the 60’s through to 2000’s.


  1. He’s wearing Dolphins on the wrong side. They are to be worn on the left above any medals.


  1. He’s also wearing Nuclear dolphins,


  1. Says he’s an Engineer – Diver: UK RN Submarine Service does not have a Diving Qualification or Branch.


  1. One of his pictures shows him (or his Dad/Relative) as a Junior Stoker – no stars on the 3 Propeller Trade Badge indicate likely just out of training or still a newbie Stoker.


Every one who commented as stated he’s a definite fake, and nobody knows him.

Now Powell claims to have served in two combat zones and proudly displays badges of the submarine service yet once Powell knew we were onto him he started to trim down his profile then delete his ebay bling in typical anti cumper style back peddling action.


We asked Powell about his bloating, but he refused to comment!  We wonder why.

Verdict. Powell had served in some capacity, yet his claims and ebay bling do not hold much water within the closed groups of a very tight knit submariners  community. Just like that!






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