Meet Darren McCue, 43, Admitted to walting two weeks ago after being door stepped by the Jerno. He convinced single mother  to get engaged to him by telling her about his eight-year military career as a paratrooper and Special Forces soldier.
We were alerted to Darren on the 12 Feb by a member who showed us photos from McCue purporting to be of him in a Book called  SAS an  illustrated History. where McCue would write names and other such shite in order to convince women he was the real deal. As they do!
“That me next to Jonny Two combs and Fiji bob sharing a wankspangle, a cats arse and some black death.” Those who have tasted the delights of the cookhouse ratbag will know the score 😉
As the press had already got his confession and done most of the legwork we let this one go and concentrated on other matters which you should hear about very soon. Keep yours eyes on the TV ;), but he still needs to go on our hallowed walls, for much piss ripping and ridicule. Special Forces? He would struggle working in Parcel Force 🙂

He used the name ‘Dan Mitchell’ during their relationship, and lied to her that his daughter – who in fact did not exist -had died of a heroin overdose.

He introduced himself as a divorced tattoo artist with twin 19-year-old daughters who boasted about eating worms to survive in Borneo and jumping out of a plane using a broken parachute.

She invited him to spend Christmas with her daughters – aged 17, seven and six – but he cancelled on December 23, claiming his daughter ‘Ellie’ had died from a heroin overdose.

When confronted by the press, McCue admitted lying to all four women. His mother confessed to duping Ms Moultrie, but denied lying about her ‘granddaughter’ dying.

‘Basically I told a load of lies – that was it,’ McCue said. ‘My mum told me every day to say something. [I didn’t] because I’m a fool.’

Here the Photos that did not make the paper. Enjoy and……………………..WHAT A CUMPER