Since Monday we have been looking at the lengths some exposed Walter Mittys or Cumpers as we like to call will go to prove they are the real deal or at the very least get their best “IFFS” Internet Fibbers and Friends to prove they are.


Last Monday we had some of you going when we posted a CC1 that we were to post an announcement and that we had been provided evidence that Konnor Collins was the real deal.


We started the ball rolling by using a bluff profile that defend Collins, posting that he had photo evidence of Collins in action back in the day and that the WMHCHQ will be proved wrong.


This was supposed to end in a big whaaaaaaaaaaaaaah for a bit of fun to wake you lot up and add something to a  dull Monday. However, our fake profile in the the form of Bill Grund was contacted by a journalist called Chris Smee. Chris is a political friend and ally of Konnor Collins and for months has been claiming this club has got it so wrong and this is what he sent.


Chris Smee

Hi Bill. I read your post about Konnor Collins and found what you said 100% plausible. I am the only journalist that Konnor and Helen trust over this issue and I’m waiting for a call from Helen so we can set the record straight and refute this ‘fale confession’ allegedly make by K. I know what you say is true as I covered a story for the BBC abourt M15 agent Ray Gilmour who infiltrated the IRA. He saved many people’s lives and now officially does not exist. He does because I know him personally and have done for 30 years. Now with a complete new identity, he lives in constant fear of death by the IRA. Try to find anything officially and you’ll draw a blank. Even M15, the Government or is ‘handler’ do not ‘recognise’ him….much like Konnor. Here is the award winning aticle. I hope to speak soon after Helen has rang me. (Konnor underwent a very serious operation this morning in London so I expect she’ll ring later) Regards



Obviously we were curious as to how Mr Smee could come to this conclusion so we engaged in chat. (As you do) and fed Chris a line about knowing Collins when they worked together with North Det 14 intelligence Company and guess what not only once but twice Mr Smee confirmed that Collins  after reading Bills posts on the open forum knew him.

Bill Grund

I met Konnor a while back when we were both part of the North Detachment of 14 Intelligence company. I came from the SAS and Konnor from the Paras. The problem is once you join 14 int you become a ghost. Sorry to hear hes having health problems. He was a fit sod until his accident

3/14, 6:57pm

Chris Smee

Hi Bill. Good to speak. I spoke to Konnor’s partner this afternoon after. She read your post to him and he confirmed he knew you. Nice guy and all I want to do is prove this ‘confession’ is false. It was written by some bastard purporting to be Konnor.


Now this strange and Bill Grund is a totally made up name so how could Collins remember him? So we asked again.


Bill Grund

I have to admit I have not political views myself, Seen to much to not get involved. Does Konnor ever feel bitter towards the Paras HQ for letting him down like they did?

Ie they could have easily just said he was a member of the Paras and not just left him hanging like that.

3/15, 9:00am



Chris Smee

Agreed but I’m not aware of Konnor’s history regarding the Paras. Apparently they have said he was never a member??


Bill Grund

Right. Not sure if you know this but Konnor wears the badge of the Parachute Regiment on his blazer and he does mention it himself as I read his impact statement a few years back when catching up on old friends. I have to admit I was a bit shocked he went public, but some do in the end.

Bill Grund

Have you ask anyone to friend me? Some guy called Harry Brown

3/15, 9:10am

For those not aware Harry Brown was another fictional charitor from TVs Harrys Game

Harry is an undercover agent for the British army sent to Northern Ireland to infiltrate the IRA and find (and terminate) the assassin of a British Cabinet Minister. Harry is alone, the army hasn’t been told he is being put in place, his wife is fed up with him and his job, and his one new friend, an Irish woman who falls for him will be consumed by his relentless search for the assassin


Chris Smee

No, never heard of that name and I wouldn’t do that anyway.

3/15, 9:13am

Bill Grund

Ok. After I openly defended Konnor I came in for a lot of abuse and mocking. This Harry Brown said he knows me from my 14 Int days but I have never heard of him. The thing is you don’t forget people from those days and in that game. As you know Konnor remembered me. These people must think we were born yesterday.

Bill Grund

It must have a relief to you that Konnor knew me from his days in 14 Int

3/15, 12:47pm

Chris Smee

Yes it was indeed.

Bill Grund

I take It Helen told Konnor that I was sticking up for him yesterday for him to remember me then.

3/15, 7:43pm

Chris Smee

Yes she asked Konnor if he knew you and the answer was a resounding “yes”.

3/15, 7:51pm


Bill Grund

He must have been happy

3/15, 7:54pm

Chris Smee

Yes he was because at last someone he knew was supporting him.

3/15, 7:55pm

Bill Grund

Also it must be a relief for yourself who has stood by him that someone has validated his service

3/15, 7:57pm

Chris Smee

Yes indeed. I’ve stood by R** G****** for all these years despite the crap he’s gone through and the same applies to Konnor. I thank you for that.


Bill Grund

You must have been worried yourself at first with no one coming forward to verify him for all that time. I had only heard about it after a mate in 14 int told me on Friday

3/15, 8:19pm

Chris Smee

Yes, to anextend but I have always believed Konnor. Gut instinct I guess.

3/15, 8:22pm

Bill Grund

I bet you would have felt gutted if he had lied to you.

3/15, 8:26pm

Chris Smee

Yes I would but having been a journo for more than 40 years, sometimes I get gut feeling that someone is telling the truth. Same with Konnor and Ray.

Bill Grund

Just out of interest and I understand Konnor would had to have broke his cover, but did he tell you about his 14 int past?

3/15, 11:15pm

Chris Smee

No he didn’t. He’s been very quiet with his past, which I respect.



So Chris how do you know Collins is telling the truth?  Strange !!


Chris Smee

Helen has given me a comment about how the ‘confession’ was fake and irrefutably was not written or dictated by Konnor or her. When I’ve sorted out exactly how it’s worded and confirmed with Helen, I’ll send it to you. I’m still not sure where to post it.


So here is the crunch question. For some months now, Konnor Collins and his partner have been fully aware of the allegations of walting levelled at him by the local and national media. He has been fully aware of our full exposure yet at no time has he been prepared to counter it with any statement along with evidence to prove the allegations wrong,


Last week via his friend we were sent a confession with the condition we can only use it if we “take the lot down about Collins” We asked for verification that the confession was the true account by Collins by information only he would know.


We refused to take his exposure down due to the time delay and posted his confession.

So now he wants to post a statement that the Confession is fake and somehow linked to a political party stitch up, yet still not willing to address the bigger issue of wearing medals to which was not awarded and earned, membership to a regiment that holds no records of him.

Then we have his friend Mr Smee trying to suggest to people he was a Spook, deliberately ignored by the government , yet freely admits he has never been told anything about Collins forces career, by Collins and admits he was worried Collins may have lied to him.

Well Mr Smee. What excuse are you going to make up for your friend lying to you about knowing Mr Grund? Whats your 40 years of journalistic Gut instinct telling you know?. Oh what a pickle!! Whats Betting he tries to make out its was all a big wind up and he knew all along 😉




Up-date 06./04.2016. Since we exposed one of Camp Collins mates for dirty internet fibbs of a Tim Wade Type and placed a rather large fried egg on his fizzer for good measure



the cumpfoonery has accelerated to wankpuffinery after Camp Collins had licked its wounds.

So out of the blue we received a rather unpleasant PM from a Richard Groom Bridge stating the following about his mate Collins..



So we took a look at the profile (as you do) and noticed he used a picture, that we will add still had the wiki link on it. Richard of course was suggesting he was ex 22 SAS and far right man with fag in his hand.


Here is the link to where you can find the Photo

Which was taken in the 50s so we were at pains to understand how Richard could have served 15 years with Collins, considering Collins claimed to have served 19 years and was a recipient of the CGC which was first awarded in 1995 and Collins was born in 1962. Confused?


Oh Look this new profile had managed to friend Poorly Collins and Collins accepted that request. Strange!

then we look at the last name Groom Bridge like   Groombridge Place near Tunbridge Wells KENT where Collins and friends come from.


We let the profile know we had rumbled their cunning plan and explained the obvious errors of their ways, and yet again, they buggered off back to Internetshire somewhere in Kent along with the other Cockwombles to form a new cunning excuse.


Quick hurry the WMHCHQ have rumbled us. I told you use that Lewis Collins picture for the profile!


Better luck next time Team Collins. 😉


We will say it again