Reported by his own Brother which is commendable. Paul Tug Hartley is the real deal
This Cumper was on BBC Breakfast claiming to have been injured in “Active Service” when in fact he was injured playing rugby after numerous warnings by doctors to quit the game due to his knee issues.
I know this as I am disgusted to say his brother. He is making a mockery of the the term Injured Veterans. Yes he served and yes he is injured but using the term makes the public think he was injured on operations to try and gain sympathy and funds for his surgery when I am sure he had his first op so he didn’t have to work and claim benefits. Please do not support the charity he claims to be part of as knowing him it will be fraudulent. Chris Hartley is a disgusting human and does not have any of the qualities and values of your normal veteran.
on the charities web page where he is claiming to be ex SF, He never was.
Paul went on “I have many brothers from my service, but unfortunately this shit bag is my brother through blood and he makes my blood boil.”
Great respect for making this call Tug I saw this on the news this morning. The BBC should screw the nut before inviting people on to spout their shit.
Why do it Chris?
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