Compulsive WALT lying is often referred to as pathological lying, habitual lying or chronic lying. We just call it being a complete Wankspangle of a cumper.


A compulsive Cumper is defined as one who lies out of habit; although some lies are built around truths. Technically as Richard Lee would have it.

Walt Lies are usually made to cover the truth, Bloating for example and using the media to create a sob story in order to manipulate and play the victim, which is just as bad as the original walting., when lying becomes a habit, that becomes compulsive lying. Some disorders such as borderline personality disorder, narcissistic personality disorder, and factitious disorder lists compulsive lying as a symptom. The need to prove to the world they were telling the truth even when they first admitted they had lied, Confused?

Most, if not all, stories made up by compulsive liars tell of bold deeds. Even if others know the truth about a person and push the truth onto them, they will lie and others can tell it is a lie outright. They never admit the truth but continue to lie by using the same idea but with slight changes.

When a compulsive liar is caught with their lies, they can immediately make up a story of them being falsely accused or deny it with that story trying to prove their innocence. Sometimes their lies get so tangled up that they get confused amongst those lies.

Take these examples. Richard Lee on Sky and Louis (Adam) Hodgen and Simon Robinson All caught red handed bloating their service to the crown in order to benefit. Hodgen for political reasons as Britians first Armed Forces Officer, Richard Lee using a bloated service in the Royal Marines and claims he was a Mounting Leader in the RM and Simon Robinson taking the.Remembrance Day parade in Sandbach.

 Richard Lee

Speaking on website in November 2013, Mr Lee said: “I went into the mountain troops in the Royal Marines for about three years, but I broke my leg which meant I left.”

We asked Richard Lee if he would like to say his piece publicly and he has now come back to us with this very definite apology:


“I was wrong, I am sorry, and I want to apologise for the fact I allowed it to be publicised that I had passed out from CTCRM as a Royal Marines Commando Officer.

However on Sky He is now claiming the WMHCHQ Technically got it wrong and he could call himself a Royal Marine, yet glossing over the fact he had embellished his career for the sake of marketing Spartan Race, using claims for which he publicly apologised in 2013

“In closing, to all those who served their countries, past and present, please accept my deepest apologies.” 


Read the full story on this Bloater

Louis (Adam) Hodgen

Louis (Adam) Hodgen who went crying to a sympathetic member of the press after we exposed him for blatant cumpfuckery, and had the brass neck to claim in a magazine that he never made out that he deployed to Iraq(he did say he very nearly did). It was some else guv. Honest!!

But why is he wearing this medal from Op Granby when posing in uniform with cadets. He forgot we had that one or is it a VNGT GSM medal,  (very nearly got there)



Simon Robinson


After TWMHCHQ first exposed him he and his old man went bleeting to the local paper making out that there were an errors in following protocol as it was a rush job that he led the parade due to his father being unwell.


However, he was also spotted on the parade in 2013 wearing the same uniform complete with medals & sgt stripes and this his was taken 4 years ago at armed forces day.


We will up date this page as and when more try this trick!