Welcome back to Iain Spresser
We first exposed Spresser last year after he attempted to pass himself off as an Officer in The Staffordshire Regiment(Prince of Wales’s) producing a badly typed letter as evidence to employers of what a top notch chap he is. He used the name Iain Beattie, which he has since changed after we exposed him. However,  Iain has not changed, but has changed regiments full on now and can be seen sporting the RHQ Parachute Regiment Tie and other such memorabilia, mostly in his bedroom with the all important  walt one for the ladies Money shot pictures, Look at the glazed look in his eye. Go on ladys, you know you want to!
Again no record of service in the Parachute Regiment, No Para record and we have a feeling SIS don’t have any either!  
He worked at Queens Hotel in Perth as a porter and left the hotel early 1995 to work on an army Base in the south of England.  He was working in the NAAFI.
He claimed to have been promoted to  Captain in 2000. However, He was working wolverhampton in 2000, in the wetherspoons. he was not a captain he was a duty manager. More nuts please barman!
He wasn’t in Bosnia at any time before 1995. Prior to coming back to Perth he was a Steward with British Airways and also worked at Butlins in Pwhelli in Wales.
Past Walting
When we first read the letter we thought it were one of those blagging letters from Nigera  Eh defence writing? That is not real surely!!!Not exactly JSP 101 is it.
Desert storm ??? Did he attach himself to the yanks PX.
We then contacted a few lads from the The Staffordshire Regiment(Prince of Wales’s)
And here are a few examples of what they had to say
“Staff where in Germany in 91 on warrior”
 “Objectives Brass and Steel was our job in 1991 and we were RRF. He wasn’t fucking with us the cock muncher”
“I was Staffords 1986 – 2010 and I don’t recall his face”
“If i recall correctly, the Staffords were in Falingbostel in 1987 and went to Gulf one in 1990. There NI tour was in 1992 and again posted in 1994 to 1996, when they went to Hong Kong. I was with them for these last last few years of my service so I am quite sure of this, plus i never heard of a Lt Beatie. Also what was Operation Desert Sabre, wasn’t it Op Granby”
“This letter is uttter bollox. I think he might be assuming the identity of Doug Beattie who was RSM of the Royal Irish Bn from which the captured soldiers belonged rescued by the joint SAS Para Reg operation Op Barras.”
“I am ex 1Bn Staffordshire Regt. and was and i dont know him. Also we never went to Bosnia at all never mind Between 93/95. We were in Enniskilen in 92 for Six months then we did a two year tour in Balykinlar which was 94/6 Hong kong was After. Nope I have never seen him before”
We check the London gazette archive No commissions are published under his name.
He was never a member……………………..what a Cumper