Say hi to Andy (Raz) Reid



Andy was brought to our attention after he was frequenting plastic gangster pages giving it Walty big licks about his SAS days and being bezzy mates with Mac 7 Troop. After looking a little deeper we noticed he like other such Cumpers we have exposed like to use the old chest nut of writing a few things on the pages of SAS books then framing them on the wall. A strange habit, but one that’s became all to frequent to in the armory of walterdome.




So like the devils we are we first screen shot his Bloating, then got chatting to Andy and this.





Andy had served in the Royal Signals.


Clearly Andy was trying to pass himself off as SAS not only by the fact his home walls as well as his facebook walls were plastered with SAS memorabilia and he make the claim  That this Is something not a lot of us have and which he wears. Its St. Michael the Archangel. The Patron saint of Paratroopers. But you was not one Andy!

All checked

He had never served with the SAS.

He was never attached to them in his signals capacity

He  had never passed a Basic Para course.


What a Bloating Cumper.