Following on from our warning about facebook pages that have attempted to copy our work and sucker people into thinking they are us. Please read this link about such scammers and their motiveshttp://www.theguardian.com/…/facebook-scammers-safety-cyber…


Here is an example of little Timmys  antics. Tim wade has been exposed in the past as someone with very little integrity after we fully exposed his Bloating antics four years ago.

Please read



After we exposed Timmy he attempted to clone our page. His reason is to build numbers up. for the reason you will read below.

People just need to be aware of what he is up to with creating these pages.

He First  leeches on to Facebook pages with high like numbers. Then try’s to get in with the admin, and suggests creating a web page for them (a freeby). He then harvests log in details where he request Emails, DOB and address, post code and Ip address. These are sold on!

Admin of these groups soon cotton to his scam and bin him. Like we did. He then goes on to Clone your page and discredit the real causes.


He has been known to try and use the email and the persons password details to log in on his page, to see if he can access their personal email accounts.

Not everyone’s cyber security is as good and some still tend to use the same password for everything.  Check your settings!


Tim Wade admitting fake profiles 4

This is Timmy have a rant at someone for not doing as they are told on the internet


wade middle class bigging up

wade google ads money

Tim Wade spammaking money


Laznim Imenorm is one of the many fake profiles used by Wade. In short Timmy harvest Email address and other personal detail then sells them on to marketing groups


Of course you don’t Timmy, So why did you say you do just that on the screen shots above.