Meet Captain Mike Mitchell, Yet another one of those bluffing Actor types that think Bloating your service career is a fast track route to tinsel town and stardom in the Film world.We have exposed a few of these people in the past who could have easily made their name as a chef. Look at Steven seagal. Why do they do it? To be famous of course so lets help him along!
This chap even has a Wikipedia page so it must be true. Or is it? Since we exposed him it went down
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And again Special Forces.
Mike was born to be an action man. Joining HM Forces at the age of 16 as a combat frogman, he went on to specialize in small arms, explosives and Bomb disposal and became part of HM Elite Special Forces seeing many theater’s of operation worldwide. 
And again
So hard to say its a typing error or miss-quote by an over eager magazine writer, and we have had that one a few times and mike is no exception. He could have easily corrected during the proof read stage.
Finger on the trigger Mike. Take ten extras!
So with a few a few checks with our trusted contacts and no one could find him on any data base. We were able to rule out his RM and Special Forces claim very easily.
From the RM checks 
We posted him on the Royal Marine page as he has made claims to be “frogman mine clearance specialist” or of the sort… After much debate on our page I decided to PM him and give him the opportunity to either fess up or make a few of us look like throbbers with his proof of service… After my polite and informative PM I Recieved no reply and he stopped using his FB account (at least under this name).. We debated again and suggestions ranged from the usual and typical RM ideas to the more damaging one… Contact you guys… He is a “movie” star in his own bad space and all round hero.. Seemingly.
I PMd him to offer the opportunity of an explanation of his claims to be a frogman mine clearance specialist in SF a role that NONE of us as Marines have EVER heard of unless your maybe Yank.. But he has chosen not to respond.
He was recently on a BnB show called four in a bed and when asked outright “we’re you in the Royal Marines?” A grunt and a faint yes was given then change of subject. I have checked our records and he was never in the Royal Marines.
He was RN for wee while in the 70’s just not :- 
No Para Records.
No records of being a Royal Marine.
No SF selection records.
Excuse by Mike after he contacted us.
Sadly the press have many times distorted my background and achievements, I have many times had to say “No I am not Mr Olympia” “No I am not a former SAS”. But sadly the press seems to write what it wants
In response I think it fair to say I do not get the chance to proof 90% that is written. I probably have over 1000 press cuttings here and I can show you that a very high % are not accurate
When the program was rehearsed as I said the question was “I thought did you serve with the Royal Marines” that was a lead in question to the assault course, we shot that with about 6 takes I remember at some point saying to the Director I am not a Royal Marine. but they edit what they want. I have no excuse if that’s the way it came out
But watch this,What does he say ???
Since then a few people who worked with him on films had this to say.
Just two examples
Just a quick note regarding Mike Mitchell. I worked as actor on the movie 2010 Freight with Mike. We did one scene which involved him carrying an old Lee Enfield rifle, between rakes he began doing shit rifle drill with it. I was a Royal Engineer trained with the SA80 so know naff all about rifle drill, but even I could see it was wrong! He was holding the rifle like a 6 year old would. He then started telling everyone about been a Royal Marine and of course been SBS. After listening for a while, about how he had practiced storming the QE2 whilst the Royal family were aboard etc, thinks were beginning to stink worst than a NAAFI birds pants. One of the stunt men dropped in I was ex forces, to which I said yes, and pointed out I’ve a few boot neck mates who did some counter terrorism stuff, I have never seen someone stop talking so quick. We filmed for a further three weeks and not once did he mention to military again, when I tried to probe him about his past, ‘it was to painful to talk about it!’
I was on a zombie film with Mike where he played an SAS soldier. All he kept saying at every opportunity was how wearing the SAS beret brought back memory’s of his days in special forces. I knew something was not right with him, but in that industry you cant say much unless your the director and he had him in his pocket
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