Meet Mike Odey
Looking at his collection of Airborne badges you would thinks he’s done a supermarket sweep at Silvermans with Dale Winton egging him on to get more!
Mike was first exposed when he was caught during the Annual ride to the wall where he was wearing the what you can see in the screen shots.  Taken at the Arboretum as well frown emoticon which was disrespectful, but also wearing a Military Medal. He was also spotted in Brighton wearing a sand Coloured beret and Sigs badge.
There was even videos on you tube which he had taken down unless someone can find a new one, of him drilling people about at a bike rally complete with pace stick and WO1 rank.
Since we first exposed  Mike he went to ground but would still tell people he was ex Para, Pathfinder and winner of an MM, He has now popped back up and this time on an RBL poster and yes its him having a cuddle with the guy next to him in the picture above. He is now telling people the poster validates that he was telling the truth and not a walt. Oh no you are not Mike.
No P Coy Pass
No Para record
Not a member of the Pathfinder platoon
No mention of the MM in the London Gazette
Never an RSM
Facts,. He Was B Coy 3 Queens Regiment/PWRR
Are the RBL aware they have a Bloater on their poster. They do now.