Say Hi To Martin Davis


Yet again we meet another Ride to the wall visitor paying his respects at the arboretum dressed in his best Biker kit complete with Parachute regiment beret, wings and the Green DZ flash of 3 Para and other Airborne nick knacks. Also seen at the Birmingham remembrance Parade.

Point to note

We have been asked by another member of the Parachute Regiment who contacted us not to show a picture sent us of Davis chatting to some short Jap bloke in a skirt. Not sure why 🙂


Davis is a Keen Biker, but feels the need to call any non Parachute Regiment soldiers Hats at every opportunity and gives it Jonny Airborne Big licks at his local.


First the tip off

I met this guy at the ride to the wall through a friend he was wearing a beret green DZ flash and wings on his bikers jacket at the arboretum, he said he served with 3 Para in Sierra Leone as a sniper and was shot in the stomach and wounded this to me sounded strange as i am ex 3 para but been out 18 yrs now and thought he may of joined after me, but i do know it was 1 para who were on operation Barras.

Anyhow brief encounter until the other week another ex para going about this guy Martin Davis dob 16th April 1971 saying a few other ex Paras where suspicious of him his new MCC bike club are now split into as what to believe he is not replying to no one at all totally gone under the radar i will add some photos and his fb page for your perusal thank you but definitely not sitting right with this one kind regards


After a few checks we contacted Martin via PM, He read it, then de-activated his Facebook page, (Funny that).


Look where he lives, Yes you are Martin!

We let him know we had checked his name against his date of Birth and number he gave. His mugshot had done the rounds on most of the Parachute Regiment pages and closed groups and not one member of the Paras from either 3 Para and more importantly Op Barras Orbat knew of him. One of the snipers on that operation was also able to positively confirm that Davis was never there and not known.


We were able to confirm Davis had no Para Record or P Coy Record. He must have passed the EBay P Coy tests and the EBay basic Para course, the EBPC as its known.


So the big Question. Why is yet another Cumper showing a total lack of disrespect by turning up at such an occasion giving it large as a member of the Parachute Regiment?



What a Cumper


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