Meet Ian Reynolds


The Tip off 

“Please can someone help me, I don’t know who else to ask. I’ve been seeing this bloke for 2 years, he claimed he was special forces I found out on Saturday he lives in Blackpool and has a girlfriend and a baby, he made me believe he was in Germany and getting deployed into Iraq on covert missons. He’s not only fooled me but fooled my whole family. He’s also conned nearly 5 and a half thousand, by claiming he’d not enough money to cover his kit

His name is Ian Reynolds date of birth 08.03.1976. He’s from Burntwood.  He said he picked up a facial injury after stepping on a landmine in Afghanistan.

He said he was ex parachute and had a dog called Max he use to parachute with. He showed this picture to my Dad. He claimed he was stationed outside of dusseldurf. And use to have to fly over for meetings with the Duke of Lancashire reg.

He conned 5500 pounds off me…I’m resided myself to the fact that I’ve lost that money. But he knew im a single parent. But impersonating a war hero is the lowest of the low.”



The picture Ian would show people to prove he is the real deal. Only problem with this photo. Can you spot it?

So off we went to help this young lady. Not the first time someone has been completely taken in by a Cumper and it won’t be the last. Even seasoned veterans have found themselves wondering how they could have been taken in, so we don’t judge!


First we like to make sure the report is not just some made up story in order to settle an old score. We do get that a lot.

We received quite a few. Here are a few examples

“I have been asked to contact you regarding Ian Reynolds and  has asked me to state what he has indicated over the last two years. He certainly has given the impression of being in the army, turning up on occasions in military uniform, devoid of any insignia. He has spoken and shown a photograph purporting to be him in Afganistan on patrol.  

He did indicate that he lost a friend to an IED and suffered facial injuries when he went to his aid as a second IED almost claimed his life, waking up in Birmingham Hospital for armed personnel. He has been stating that he is waiting to complete his term in a special ops unit to enhance his military pension and has spoken to me on a few occasions regarding it.

Everything he said sounded correct on the pension front which helped cement the thought that, despite other discrepancies , he was in the forces. I know thanks to my cousins husband that he lives in the North Shore area of Blackpool, and that this is not his first time claiming he was ex army.”





Ian does not have a Facebook account and is very careful as to what information his publicly gives out as we was to discover, and for good reason. So, in order to put something together we asked for several witness statements, not related in support and checked his back story.  Not long after we posted up our Come on down more people started to flood in.


Again a few more examples


Hi Mate he ripped of a girl in my home town! Her name is ***** *******! This guy told her he was back & forth to Afghanistan! He would never have his photo taken at family party’s & such!! We just found out he conned her out of £ 5000 for his kit!! I only met him 3 or 4 times & never believed a word he said! He is originally from Burntwood area in Midlands let me know if u can help!


Thought I recognised him. He lives in Blackpool. in the North Shore area I think Mike Orme 21:25 Mike Orme Wtf??? He comes in the barbers where I work. He’s had reconstructive surgery to his face. He told us it was from him having a device blow up on him in Afghanistan. His uncle however, knew nothing about it n said he did it pissed up in a motorbike accident. He doesn’t come in very often but as soon as he’s next in I will try n find out


Hello I’ve seen your post on a hgv page regarding a man who ripped off your family……I can 100% confirm that is his name and can also confirm he’s no ex sas. I worked with him for years at palletways UK Ltd based in fradley Staffordshire back then he lived in Bloxwich he had a severe gambling problem and was a builder by trade as a result did loads of work on a colleagues house wanted the money up front did a bit of work and never went back as a result he left palletways as people wanted to sort him. He then went to work at pallet force in Burton on trent and I belive same happened there. If I can help you I will but can I ask that my name is never mentioned as I don’t really want to get involved but can’t ignore what he did to my work mates.


Hi hope you don’t mind the add seen your post and had to get in touch. He ripped my mum and dad off £4000 been looking for him and so are many other people in the Midlands who we know. Complete scumbag and yes I will message her thank you for getting in touch another poor girl.


Hi was forwarded a snap shot of your post of a guy Ian Reynolds. He worked at the same place as me a few years back. And as you can guess ripped off most of the guys there. One off the guys for a hell of a lot of money also myself. Luckily for me It wasn’t as much but we are trying to track him down. Got a few friends from Blackpool keeping an eye out. But trying to narrow the field a little bit any info will help.


We worked at palletways in Lichfield near Birmingham. He was nothing but trouble lying about everything and anything and coning everyone he could, through building work and betting on horses. I know a horse trainer that said his family where left a race horse which he claimed was his and he owned more. And the typical ex military crap he use to come out with.



We also done our checks with the information available and you guessed it.

No Para Record History

No P Coy History

No Special Forces History.

No credible Service History could be found.


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