Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse, this little gem surfaces in the guise of Paul Cross and like most walts he was taught at the school of hard knocks. There must be a class dedicated to art of cumpfuckery.


Paul has two profiles



where he is a retired political soldier



and now an NCO at Armoured reconnaissance

We knew of Paul Cross over nine months ago when he were claiming to be a member of the SRR. when he used this picture to fool people. Easy to find Paul!

One of our admin then contacted Paul Cross and asked him the most basic SRR question. Paul was sent a Google map screen shot of Credenhill and asked to locate the HANGER they use. For the obvious reasons we will not make that public!

As with most walts he took his pictures down and closed down for a little while. So we left it and once he thought we had lost interest he started again.





Not known at SRR and lets face it Paul we very doubt the US Marines Armoured Recon  know you either.



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