Meet David C Coe  and what a guy he is. Submariner. Royal Marine, Royal Scots dragoon guards, winner of the MC with countless incursions behind enemy lines, oh and Time lord.


David lives in the states where his cumpery knows no bounds, despite there being a law against it. A first glance it was thought he was just one of the guys who like to dress up. However. He then takes credit and praise for medals he clearly was never awarded.



Submainers would not get MC’s they would get DSC’s. His  South Atlantic medal is now with Rossett where the first one is without.  BUT….He deserves a medal for having the balls to go out with that fucking hair cut. He is also wearing a Pre 1962 GSM yet has SAM 82 and Gulf War 1 medal. This is where Time travel must come into it.

Then there is Royal Scots dragoon guards and wings


Obviously no walt picture album would be complete without the one grainy picture where you can just make out the shape of a face. The must be him.




No records could be found of David C Coe being awarded the MC

No Submariner could ID him

No member of Royal Scots dragoon guards know him

No records of him being awarded the SAM 82

In fact no one knows him.



What a Cumper