This well known Walt Cumpoonery of epic proportions is up to his old tricks again! Mike Tierney, also known as Penfold, MC Tierney, Mycroft, Coastbloke or Jeromesausage


First seen in Aldershot giving it big licks in Para pubs and managed to pull it of with real Paras and we are not talking about 3  para mortars.


A few examples of his waltpoonery from witnesses

was around Gosport for a while, he claimed he was having his foot removed due to the flesh rotting away after an injury whilst deployed, but he still had it

“99 in the Pegasus pub, he was using the name Pat Pope and waltzing about being Ex Para Regt and was long term injured in the leg whilst in 22 and was now having to get out. I let him crash at my house that night and the low life piece of Sh^t made off with my wallet the next morning. By a strange coincidence he was observed by a serving 22 guy who I knew, going through my wallet and throwing it in to a bush. My wallet was recovered by the said 22 guy and he called me and described this c#nt perfectly. I really would like to catch up with this Walt again !”

I bumped into this nosher in 99 in Bognor just before I joined up told me he was a plt sgt in pirbright and was threatening me what a complete thundercunt

He use to come in our shop all the time, he had some stories. Apparently he got his foot blown up by an I.E.D in Iraq, then it was Afghanistan. Then he wasn’t a Para anymore he was ex-French Foreign legion. Only thing real about him was his dog (and that was probably a cat in disguise)

Sadly this guy nearly cost me my job; pretty close call it was too. He’ll have access to this site one way or another. Suffice to say we see each other around town and I am polite to a point, he knows he fucked up and has apologised. Sad to think he’s still walting.

“The lies I knew about from 04 onwards were false eye due to injury, fake testicle due to cancer, due to lose leg due to rotting flesh (yet refused all visitors ) , robbed a cash point out of the wall and ended up in Ford,ended up as mates with the governor of the nick. The list goes on and on and on. If he told me the sky was blue I’d have to check.”

No P Coy Pass

No Para Records