While our old page was taken down we needed to dig deep into the Walt vault so we could update our files. Sadly some Cumpers have manged to evade our busy admin. Then Richard Timmins popped back into our lives. Lucky for us a page dedicated to the parachute regiment still had his outing on their wall so it would be a shame to let such cumpfuckery go unread.


Timmins was first spotted doing the rounds on such dating sites as Plenty of Fish giving it first chod part 3 to all the classy ladies on POF. Once his facebook profile was found the bait was set and worm jumped right on in there 🙂
Claimed hes Ex 2 para and 22 SAS, B sqn… age 43
Done 25 yrs service left in 2010
Joined 22 in 89 ..So that means he did 4 yrs in 2 para from the age of 14 …

Once put to the acid test he had memory lapses and the normal Walt back peddle commences followed by the normal suspension of account and run away once he knew the game was up.


Richard Timmins
Ex-soldier hit his partner with axe as she held their baby girl, Derby court told
By Derby Telegraph, Posted: August 27, 2012



Here is some of the general wankpuffing chat from Trimmins 


What where u in ?

Im ex 2 para and ex 22 b sqn 5 years i did come out in 2010


Wow well done you !


Life is different as a civvy ..yep im a life member of the airbourne brotherhood now
cant stand civvy life and the people around here Yeah its hard to adjust … civvys have no idea and no respect …

where do you live now ?

Nottingham for the time being you right people dont give a shit i had a young lad had to much to drink trying to take me on bad move for him also went in to the fishing tackle shop had my para t shirt on there was a lad in there chatting this girl up say he was a sniper for 2 para and he knew me he said to this girl i ask him for his name rank and number he just walk out head down Ignore them …its the best way
easy said then done

Where you at the 10miler last month ??I recognise your face

you recgnise me from where Dunno

Do you go to the traff for some of the reunions ?



i dont know where i was last week lol

I suppose you do the blades stuff tho … Did you do the para 10 miler ?My boss here is ex RSM 1 para ..he’s a twat lol

blades stuff er what you mean rupurt
So u did 21 yrs in 22 !! Wow long time ..yer work with other unit like 7 para pwo 16 foot


Done a lot in my time but i will say this my red berry was my first i will all ways be a para till the day i die I thought youdt prefer the sand coloured one ...

So did u go to the Falklands ?

lmao when i went in there was a lot of people went for the training and a lot failed some one ask me how come you pass i just said i wanted the sandy and i focus on that and pass just i think i got a photo on here with my sandy on check my pictures and you will see

Not looked in your pics ..


yeah selection is hell But so is p coy … yes my lady it was i wouldnt pass again yer p coy is but selection for the sas is harder than p coy

So who did u go through depot with ? I bet we’ve got loads of mutuals lol

lol well could tell you that but i have to kill you

I bet u know t** s******** and g** b******* ? Nutters lol

lol lets just say my nick name was mad dog

After that Richie boy done a runner.

No P Company record

No Parachute record

No UKSF records

verdict…..WHAT A CUMPER

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