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Nice T Shirt Danny!

Reported to us by a concerned member of a well known charity, after hearing Danny talk.


The Tip Off


Hi guys I could be wrong but I have been involved in a Sports Forces charity for the seriously injured and have come across a guy called Daniel Hutchison. Claimed he was a Commando trained Close protection RMP then SRR SFC. I ran some checks and can only find AGC SPS with no hint of having a CP, AACC course under his belt or a hint of SRR service. I then found a news clipping dated 2015 of him claiming to have been involved in a suicide bombing in 2008.


He recounted to me about his mate providing top cover at the time and he was covered in his blood which he thought was his and showed that picture which he had on his phone when chatting to him, but his eyes looked shifty and I had my doubts.



So we went to work and it did not take long!


 His story


“He spent 14 years in the army as part of a recon unit until one day, while on tour in Northern Afghanistan in 2008, a 12-year-old boy with a wheelbarrow stepped in front of his convoy”



JUNE 2015


November 2015



Before we get to the meat please note at no time ever did Hutchison get his claims or dates changed on the online version of the newspaper reports at any time, which is very easy to do. Instead he blamed Help for Heroes and the Invictus Games for making the mistake.He has since been sacked from the Invictus Games. Hopefully a more deserving person will benefit.


Hutchison was aware of questions being raised two weeks ago when being asked by a member of the WMHCHQ. At first he was quite convincing according to the member, but started to panic once he was informed the Admin of the WMHCHQ were on to him. We do have that effect!


After checking we were soon able to break down his story into the following.

What he used to form his story

 The wheelbarrow incident by the 12 year old suicide bomber which killed three Royal Marines at a check point. Dec 2008 is the only recorded incident against UK forces of this kind.

The soldier from the 16 signals Regiment killed while providing top cover in Aug 2008
We managed to contact the real soldier involved with the photo Hutchison claims was his. Again this was in 2008.

When Hutchison were asked to name the guy he claimed was KIA in his incident Hutchison could not recall. Let’s face it we all know why Hutchison would not recall who died as he knew a name would nail him to one specific incident and date. He knew it would have been game over and he wanted to keep his bloating lies.


To Summarise

There is no other recorded British KIA that involves a teenage suicide bomber other than the one above in Dec 2008. Hutchison has now claimed his took part in 2009. However. Read on as like Colombo we like to save the best bit to last.




His career track shows he only made Lcpl in 14 years’ service which would be fair to say was part due to his on off medical downgrading.


He was part of the Adjutants General’s Corps (AGC) Staff & Personnel Support. He provided clerical support. He was a clerk attached to the following:-


2  Signals regiment 2007.

14 Sqn RAF 2008.

Welsh Guards 2009.


At 2 Signals Regiment he was already downgraded when he arrived with a long standing injury.

14 Sqn RAF 2008 based at Lossiemouth where he was back and forth to hospital and rehab.

The Welsh Guards In April 2009 deployed for 6 months on Operation Herrick 10 in Afghanistan but he remained in the UK medically downgraded and never deployed and was still back and forth to hospital and rehab.


On his service records he attempted to change the P in SPS to an R with a black pen. This was his attempt at suggesting he was recon which he made several claims to the press and his peers (SRR).


Once confronted Hutchison was suggested he was part of 267 Sigs and the press was given the wrong date by Help for Heroes and Invictus Games. He claimed it had really taken place in 2009. (yet he never once corrected this)


So another CC1 went out on Saturday night of the 9th April requesting members of the unit to contact us who were deployed in 2009.


Again Hutchinson claims were dismissed by several genuine members within half an hour. No one knew him or the incident he claimed took place. No surprise there.


He has only one recorded serious injury from his 2001 RTA in Scotland. Crush injuries to the sternum. He has had several skin grafts over the years to this area and suffered a hernia which has required several hospital visits.


At no time was he ever involved in any IED, Suicide bombing of any kind during his service. No lower limb or fractured/missing ribs or fractured hips recorded.  He was sent home due to his downgrading going below the threshold, due to his 2001 injury recurring.


He was at RCDM Hospital Birmingham Jul 08 till Sep 08 posted to 14 Sqn RAF Lossiemouth so he was close to home but back and forth to hospital and rehab. He was then posted to the Welsh Guards in Aldershot 2009, but still back and forth to hospital and rehab.



Its the second time Knollsy has been stitched up by a Bloater! Remember Adain?


So to finally summarise


Hutchinson has been surrounded by real afghan vets injured on operations so was able to gain a lot of insight into their care. This is why he can be quite convincing to those not in the know. However there was one simple flaw in his cunning plan to claim he was injured in 2009 after changing it from his original 2008 claim in his vain attempt to throw smoke.


A simple electronic footprint from an article in 2009


Scroll down to Fundraising for the Autumn / Winter 2009 news letter


Danny Hutchison’s mum who raised £150 for Toe in the Water after Danny raced with us in the JP Morgan Round the Island Race in June.



Yep Danny was involved with another forces charity called Toe in the water where he again took advantage of a charity which provides sporting opportunities for competitive boat racing for the injured. Hardly the type of activity for someone who had been involved in such a traumatic event, suffered a shattered rib cage, hips and knees affected, making it more difficult to walk and spent eight months in Hospital.

1. Never a member of the SRR or 267 Signals.

  1. Never passed the All Arms Commando Course.
  2. Never passed a CP course with the RMP.
  3. Never involved in any suicide bombing or IED incident on operations.




One of the worse types of Bloaters we have had the misfortune to investigate. Not only bloating about his qualifications but used the tragic incidences where four members of the British Armed forces had lost their life along with others who suffered serious injury.

He could have still benefited from the charities with the injury he received from his RTA in the UK in 2001. He did not need to bloat like he did!





Visit the one and only Walt and Bloater hunter group




Any member of the press who wants to highlight this sorry story then please contact us as we have so much more!


UP DATE 22/04/2016

 Since we first exposed Hutchinson the press took a keen interest.

In fact the Mail on Sunday were going to run a story in parallel with us, exposing his lies. Until he used the normal get out of walt jail free card of calling PTSD at the last minuet. We had held onto the story for two weeks and were not prepared to hold it any longer.

When Hutchinson was approached by a jerno from the Mail. He was unaware that we had 2009 covered and thought we were only asking about 2008. (yes he knew were looking at him in detail, long before the mail started asking questions. Knowing he was about to be rumbled he attempted to changed his story in order to throw smoke.



After over 300 walts and bloaters that we have exposed. He is by far the worst one we have ever exposed to date and that is going some.

Danny you would have been more respected for just owning up to your bloating in the first place.

The SAGA to continue.


In the Press

After unsuccessfully trying to frighten the press off with threats of self harm if they printed.