Meet Ade rolfe , another bluffer who’s followed in Danny Huctchinsons shoes and jumped on the invictus bus.


His invictus bio (before he got it changed) claims he was injured in Afghanistan


He had deployed on op telic 2003 with 18sqn to Ali all Salem airbase in kuwait on the build up to the invasion of Iraq, he was at the time an SAC armourer. However, he did not sustain any eye injury of any sort at anytime at all while deployed, intact he returned back to odiham in June 2003

Oh look

in perfect health with 2 functioning eyes. 8th June 2003 on the flight home.

In 2006 and he still had 2 fully functional working eyes and we don’t know how he man aged to do this with everything else he had to do and even managed to pass the medical examination in order to enter the RAAF.

Once he knew his old work mates and the WMHC were on to him he deleted his Twitter account and got his bio changed. Strange as confirmation was gained from invictus that each bio is viewed by the individual to make sure it’s factually correct.



So why the change Ade.



Not a mention of his disability in 2010


Not well respected by those who served with him in the RAF  “the lad was a bell of the highest order”

we are sure more who knew him will be on here as soon as this is posted.

checks made show no records of injuries sustained in operations.

What at a Bloating Cumper Go and join Hutchinson on the bench of shame