Oh praise the lord for this gift which we feel will not stop giving if Heather from East Enders has anything to do with it.  Please put your hands together for feeder and walt to boot Karl White.


We were alerted to Karl after he posted a rather off post comment about being in the “Royal Art” for served Seven years and the rest of his service in Royal Marines.


He has even got pictures to prove it



However,  RLC capbadge on? Need we say more! So we dispensed with our normal “COME ON DOWN” we went full on.

We thought that would be it, but no! he comes on to defend himself and even got his GF Heather….sorry  Tracey Laverty to join in.who claimed


“Here wait I tell u a thing or 2 I have been with him for every deployment Not that it have anything to do with u lot but that beret belong to a friend off his who pass away. So get ur facts right be4 u put anything on Facebook or do u lot have nothing better to do”


So a walting Matilda as well as she had only been with him for a short while. possibly met him on another of his Feeders dating profiles. (He has a few)


Karl tried his best but backpedaled quicker than historical bloater Tim Wade could take another failed post down! read on



Even Tracey started to get confused.

The post reached 32,687 people mostly serving and ex serving and not one person from the units he claimed to have serving with came on to defend him. Soon Karl did a runner and let Heather carry on, making a fool of herself and dropping him in it further along the way (GOOD BLOKE)
So Afghan, Iraq and NI as well.
We were not going to bother putting his mug up on our page, but after last night hilarity we decided he needed to be here.
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