Question: when is a highly-decorated Major not a highly-decorated Major? Answer: when he’s named Paul Garrett.


Welcome to the insane world of Paul Garrett who teaches English apparently, but has a rich and varied Military career in the Parachute Regiment and the Royal Regiment of Wales, reaching the rank of Major knife fighting with Taliban in the wilds of Afghanistan where he received scars on his shiny nut. Even awarded the Military Cross for his bravery in the face of the enemy. Only one problem, He’s a Wankspangle of the highest order who had never served.


Cast your mind back to Dave Harper then multiply by a 1000



Garretts Photoshop walting antics surpass Harper and are a textbook example of waltfuckery at its most basic, badly-researched and performed at a level that would have Tony Cumper reaching for the vomit bag.


Sometimes this walting business goes beyond the joke. How anyone could be fooled by this cnut is anyone’s guess. but let the screen shots and the links to the pictures he used for his cumpfuckery do the talking.


From someone who knew the real individuals in the photo Garrett used. 
“Shocking to find he has superimposed his face onto a late friend of mine John Potts. JP was a Lt in the Cadets and a thoroughly nice man, he himself modelled himself on the literary character Harry Flashman (as you can probably see in the original picture), the kids loved it. JP was affiliated to the RA and was at the Thornbury TA Barracks near Leeds where he took his own life”.

Spot the difference.

 The walting run down and in not particular order

  1. The picture in mess dress (which is not that of the Royal Regiment of Wales or Parachute Regiment) that says the chap with him was killed in Afghan 2010, Yet no one of that name is listed as KIA. Garrett went on further to add that the guys wife killed herself. Utter bellend!
  1. Out of 217 friends none of them military.


  1. Not listed on the London Gazette as having been awarded the Military Cross.


  1. Not known by the Royal Regiment of Wales.


  1. Not known by the Parachute Regiment. Has no Para Record.


  1. Photos he claims are his, were taken from the Internet (links under each screen shot)



Here he is. FYB 😉

Paul Garrett


Major Paul Garrett


What a CUMPER!!