Meet Sam Aspland, 25, suffered ‘serious psychiatric problems’ after a number of his colleagues were killed or suffered life-threatening injuries while serving their country in Afghanistan.


His barrister John Taylor said he had a “turbulent upbringing” and had also suffered when he was forced to leave the army in 2012 as a result of a rare mouth abscess which spread to his neck. He had also struggled at losing his colleagues who fought on the front line in Afghanistan.

Judge Mark Bury told Aspland he had behaved in an “appalling manner” and said in normal circumstances he would have sent the defendant to prison, but refrained from doing so due to his mental health problems.

Aspland was sentenced to 16 months in prison, suspended for two years. He must also complete 250 hours of unpaid work and pay £1,000 in compensation to his victim.

Judge Bury said: “I hope this is the final chapter in incidents of violence in your life. You should regard yourself as fortunate today. Don’t let your family or yourself down.”

However, Aspland did let himself and his family down again as he lied about losing friends on the front line in Afghanistan.

A few comments for those that knew him all to well.

I knew him a little as we were different Sqn’s. he was a total waste of space and the scruffiest soldier I have ever come across. He didn’t go on tour I know that for a fact
Yea I know him. Yes he’s lying. He never deployed on H10 and was out the army by the time we deployed on H16. I turned up at unit in 2009 in June and he was one of the more ‘senior’ troopers in the rear party. Had very few friends because no one wanted to be seen with him. Constantly AGAI’d for turning up late, sleeping in, room in shit state and I mean absolutely disgusting . One afternoon there was a few of us got made to tidy it for him by the Provo . Honestly from the start he was an absolute admin case . I don’t know how he managed to stay in more than 6 months but he was kicked out in 2011 for SNLR. Being a general admin case really . Anyone who served from 08 onward will know him and can validate everything I have said here .
He was an absolute little scrote never deployed anywhere was always getting the lads in his block in the shit for being an absolute grot. Let alone he is full of shite and an out and out liar.
Never ever deployed!! Absolute waste of fucking space and he would have never known or got to know the guys on H10.
I cannot remember him deploying at all. He definitely wasn’t in C sqn for 10, or in the BRF sqn on 16. At 25 years old now, and H10 been 7 years ago, it would have been tight for him to deploy on that one. Quite a few people are talking about it at the moment are not happy about him lying. I will ask around the younger lads, but keep up the good work! Thanks
No he never deployed on any tours!!! He was a tramp who got kicked into transit accommodation due to him not been able to keep his room tidy, as for the blokes we lost I can confirm he was not friends with any of them. He was also caught robbing the lads personal belongings while was in Kenya on pre-deployment training.


you got your brief to lie to the judge in court in order to get a reduced sentence.

Its people like Aspland that make life harder for the real vets who suffer.


What a lying bloating CUMPER!