Welcome to world of Andy Britnell. Hes a para and mad for jumps as he has a Para Reg Hat and T Shirts to prove it and MTP on his fridge…………………BUT!



The Tip off
Andy Britnell was first introduced to me by a mutual friend many years ago and whilst said nothing about the army he was very forthcoming in all his other achievements.
Recently he has come to light with multiple pictures and suggestions of doing officer training, being an active member of 4 Para and jumping in the UK whilst the battalion where in Arnhem.
He has been pictures in 4 Para tshirts with his name on them that later has said he was given by the PWRR at an officer training weekend…not to mention a pictures of him wearing a Bergan and an SAS tshirt.
He gets multiple likes and comment on each picture which only seems to fuel him. A lady in particular that I know from the Aldershot area lost a young family member in Afghan a few years ago…she likes and comments on most posts as she probably believes that this Walter is the real deal.
Over the past few months I’ve been tracking and documenting his posts and slowly befriending him to get as much info as possible. Also in the back ground doing some digging and going to known and respected Reg/ex Reg guys to see if anyone has come across or can vouch for him…no one could.
I then went for a soft approach and outed him via a personal message that ended up with him exploding and sending bullshit threats
I continued with presenting fact till the point he had removed the picture and blocked me from his page. He has also claimed to be CP trained and fire arms trained. He is attending the Phoenix CP course in Birmingham in Dec/Jan….so if anyone has contacts there, let’s get the word out to them. The guy is a full on Walter and has a whole collection of fake/airsoft/military tshirt and uniform type picture.
 He’s appeared on the ARSE page before now and someone has also posted on Yell about his private company….I would suspect there also a Pile of crap.
Finger on the trigger fan! Yep hes well trained.
There was not much work to do on this one as the Club member had done most of the leg work and had royally exposed his cumpfuckery.
As soon as the facts were presented the normal walting back-peddle commenced
and a story with knobs on generated about being given the T Shirts while he was training with the Paras. Strange but that would be a first, being presented a T Shirt with your name on it by 4 Para for simply training with them, The TA Retention budget must be good. How nice of them!
However, not satisfied with wearing a Para Top and Hat and wanted to claim he was jumping with them. Wow he must have past P Coy then.

Love the new 4 Para uniform!

The convo from our club member.
As you can see he started to work his back paddling buffoonery once he knew he had been rumbled.
Checks were made and it turns out None of the names he claimed to be dealing with in order to throw smoke were known to be working at White city TA 4 PARA.
Then there is this. He must have trained with them!
Finger on the trigger again 😉
How many Para Reg T Shirts were you given?
He was also not known by 4 Para Chain Of Command or of ever having trained with them which is strange as they made him a special T Shirt with his name on it.
No P Coy Pass
No Para course passs
Soon Andy attempted to squirm his way out the situation with which his cumpfukery found himself in.  At full Walt back peddling he tried to convince TWMHCHQ that he was just drunk when posting claims of training with 4 Para.
Andy tried to justify his action with every excuse given (even trying to blame  Kids wearing football tops of the team they support) but in the end it all boils down to the fact he was attempting  to give people the impression he were a member of the Parachute Regiment.
What we dragged out of him.

1. He wanted to join the TA but finally admitted he could not due to not being up to it.

2. He wanted to be a para but finally admitted he was scared of heights and milling.

3. He admitted he bought tops representing the Parachute Regiment and SAS with his name on them, but at first claimed he was presented them for training with those regiments.

4. He paraded in public and posted pictures of himself wearing these T shirts with comments to suggest he was a member, but claimed he was drunk on the town and never mentioned it.

5. He posted comments about jumping with 4 Para and of going to train with 4 para at white city and anothers of just coming back from training with 4 para. Claims of directly training with 4 para while posing in their battalion Top etc

He attempted several times he was pissed when typing those claims and it was just drunk talk, yet never retracted those claims once sober.
Once we presented the facts and used simple open questioning, surprise evidence to counter his many excuses, he cornered himself and finally admitted he just wanted to be Para reg and felt the need to Walt it up.