Rather than fill our walt hunting page  with these parasite bogus money making schemes  ..opps Sorry “Charity” we thought a new blog would be in order. A blog we will up date here.

As most of our club member know, we have been on the backs of these so called forces charities for a while now. slowly gathering intelligence in order to provide evidence for the media to start taking note and use the information provided.

our first reports back in Feb






Please PM us new reports and photos and if you can get a video of these people verbally abusing folk to donate in the street please send in.

What to lookout for 

Charity scams to look out for

Our Local Heroes

Angel of Heroes

Army of Heroes

Heroes and the fallen 

Support the Heroes

The Invicta Foundation 

1st Knight military charity 

A Soldiers Journey 

PTSD Resolution

PTSD Action 

Supporting our Homless Soldiers 

Names to look out for


Kristopher Sutcliffe 

William (Billy) Greenwood 

Mark Wallace

Pauline Elizabeth White

Michael John Figg

Charles Sandbach 

Andrew Linihan 

Bernard Keith Chadwick 

Antony Simon Chadwick 

Pamela Margaret Carruthers


Promotion company’s to look out for 

Dove Promotions Ltd

Roman Elite Promotions Ltd

First Promotions Ltd

Prize Promotions Ltd

Local VIP Ltd 

Pro Funding Ltd

We will be adding to this lists

What to do

Allways be polite, do not get angry and simply ask the following :- 

A. Where do the donations go to, get them to name some examples?

B. What % collected is used for charity?

C. Visual evidence of “real people” winning their Game of skill raffle tickets. (Not just some random bloke holding a piece of paper with the caption Mr S Wibble from Stockport won a 55′ plasma TV.)

D. How much do they get paid to collect?

E. They must Visibly show you their ID and take their name.

All these questions are allowed to be asked and should be answered without fail be organisations collecting charity from the public!

For some reason the collectors want to hide their faces. Possibly due to collecting government benefits in one post code and working for these charity companys in another. Who knows?

The collectors then get very aggressive and most times call the police or site security in order to get rid of the problem of a simple set of questions. 

What to do if they refuse


If they do not display and in-date and visible ID card that allows them to collect, Report to the police and write an official complaint to the shopping center or local council who are allowing them to pitch up.

If abusive, Blocking your right of way or accusing you in a load and  deliberate humiliating tone in order to force you to donate, Report to the police for harassment See

Protection from Harassment Act 1997


 and write a complaint with the shopping center or local council who are allowing them to pitch up.

The more official complaints the more chance of removing the parasites!

Case to study example  

The Invicta foundation have been getting reported a fair bit for being abusive and accusing people of not being patriotic for not donating. In other words attempting to publicly humiliate people into giving them money. This is not what Charity is about! 

For the record

The invicta Foundation has nothing to do with the Invicta Games, set up by HRH Prince Harry!

However, the invicta Foundation and its promotions executives have deliberately allowed the public to make that assumption by cleaver word play. Just like most of the other charlatans who use “Heroes” on their banners.  

But lets take a look at the invicta foundation accounts.

Since the end of the year the Invicta foundation have increased its staff from two employees to ten. This includes a
full time events manager and a part time business development manager. 

Hard to see how that is feasible on staff costs of £10,246 in 2015 let alone paying for legal fees.

Fixed assets only amount to about £9,000 (which could mean anything – not necessarily property) and rent to about £3,000 so I wonder what sort of housing could be provided?

I don’t want to be too quick to make judgements but those who assert this is kosher might like to add some explanations to the accounts.

£1200 paid to trustees for lighting and heating in their own homes?

Some interesting reading on them from the Charities Commission – Seems their expenditure is almost the same as their income: i.e. not much charity going out


£565 in donations, the rest went on various expenses! All perfectly legal of course 😉

Of course all these Charities claim to be fully legit due to having a Charity registration number, But as proved before with such charities like Angel of Heroes and Our Local Heroes for example. Both had Charity registration reference numbers to make them look legit. But……………….

please read the following links.





1. There’s Klingons on the starboard bow with the invicta foundation again. This time at the Birmingham NEC Star Trek convention.

A member simply asked them how much goes to armed forces charity and what they are paid for collecting after being hassled to donate. They were not happy with those 
simple questions.
The guy on right tried too intimidate the club member and got aggressive then called security to remove the person asking simple questions.


If you see them. Please do politely ask them the same questions and take photos.

If they are abusive file a complaint with the NEC media team.

The more complaints about abusive collecting and abuse for simple questions by these scammers the better and it will put a huge hole in the company directors bank ballance.😉 


Mersey square shopping centre , Stockport.





5. These lot Scamming at the Middlesbrough Cleveland shopping centre. The scammers ran and hid before their mug shots could be taken. 
Quite a few of these parasite stands are now being told leave by centre management due the moral component behind these scams. Please share


6. In Romford essex. Scamming an old lady of her pension getting her to part with £20, she only wanted to by one ticket at £2.50 each, but heard giving the hard sell on how she would be helping the troops.


7. PM from a SAAFA case worker



External links highlighting the various bogus charity scams. 


Where these charity scams are using injured vets as a “front man”  in order to convince the pubic. Only for the Vet to find out he is being used.


Petition to regulate All forces charities. Please sign.



Please get this page to as many facebook pages as possible. The General public need to be educated. These scams are taking much needed funds from the real forces charities and their stalls will be out in force over the next three months.


Keep sending in your photos and videos and we will up date this blog and re-post each time.