1st KNIGHT MILITARY CHARITY Antics and the case of the Hidden scammers.

Last week as yet another stand was being ejected, thanks to our club members we were also able to gather intelligence about the company one of the collectors for 1st KNIGHT MILITARY CHARITY employes,but first read how it started.

“Good morning, Sit Rep. Result. I’ve just spoken to the centre manager in Walsall over the phone, as I’m not at work today about these scammers (scumbags), and now they have been kick out the centre right now. 

He has also told his head office who manage other sites in the country that 1st Knight Military Charity is Not welcome anywhere, which is now in place.”

Following that another group of vets ejected another lot of scammers to task

“Great result from the veterans of Tameside veterans breakfast club. They had the so called charity First Knights, removed from Hyde Town Centre. I know a particular person who is making a lot of money from these stands is not a happy bunny today.”

One of the girls was also not so happy and at first started crying at having to pack up then gave a rather rude gesture to the vets.

After a bit of digging, a few more sightings and tip off’s in the right direction 

Meet Dannii Davies

But who is Dannii or according to her second account Dannila? 

Dannii has been spotted a few times working the stands conning the unsuspecting into parting with their money to buy those famous “Game of Skill” tickets at £2.50 each as we know these are a well known scam that first popped its head with a discredited charity Callled “Our Brave Heroes”

Our Brave Heroes was really a limited company and its board of directors include Justine Sutcliffe, 45.

Fundraising was carried out by a second organisation, First Promotions Limited. With Just 20% of money raised by this company through prize draws went to Our Brave Heroes.

The director of First Promotions is Kristofer Sutcliffe

son of Justine, which might make you think that there could be a conflict of interest. The company desolved.

 Now, fast forward to present day and a another promotions company set up to “aid” 1st Knight, called “Pro-fundraising ltd”

Owned by William Greenwood 

who attempted to throw smoke by registering the business address in London rather than  where he resides Blackpool.


You know, the place where 90% of the scam charities originate from.


“Mr Greenwood said: “The Mall asked us to leave but offered us our money back because we were not doing anything wrong. The charity has since decided to go it alone and we will no longer be collecting for them.” (Note that statement from Billy) 

William or Billy to his mates,  like Kris Sutcliffe have been long time buddies for a while and both own promotion company’s and flit from one company to charity to another. Basicly going where that can make a quick buck, and doing very well out of it by all accounts! 

Here is Kris Sutcliffe whinging like a bitch over his ill gotten gains on the back of injured troops.


23 November 14.08

1st knight military charity set up in the Observatory shopping centre, Slough. 

William Greenwood again. ( thought 1st knight had cut ties??) and William Fowller 

Who just happens to be linked with Kris Sutcliffe and Billy Greenwood 

So back to Dannii

The Trustee of 1st Knight Andrew Linihan


the chap who likes to sell racially offensive T.Shirts in the name of a forces charity, claimed he would not have anything to do with a promotions company , yet. 

We then learn like other claims by 1st Knight that this was not entirely true.

 Venues were still being booked by a 3rd party on behalf of 1st Knight which would mean money was still being diverted to that 3rd party. This was confirmed by several centre managers! 

Once we looked at Dennii the girl identified selling game of skill tickets for 1st Knight at several venues we noticed she has close ties with….Grace Charlotte Butterfield,

As you can see, Grace is in a relationship with Kris Sutcliffe 

And Dennii is also good friends with these two chancers. Yep Greenwood and Sutcliffe , coincidence?

Soon the wheels were starting to come off This Profile then popped up after their stalls began to be taken down and was about to be exposed on BBC News for selling racist material from their Blackpool shop. 

What is strange is that Christopher Wilkinson who becomes 1st Knights “fundraising manager” and spokesman, yet never appears on 1st Knights web page of personalities 


Even Ginger the Therapy Dog made the list of personalities! Yet not yet one picture of the elusive Mr Wilkinson! Why is that?

Here is a snippet of a statement made by Wilkinson in an attempt to gain trust after 1st Knight was first exposed in the press for conning the public.


The Blackpool-based charity, which offers holidays for injured veterans, hired a firm called Pro-Fundraising Ltd to collect donations in the shopping centre by asking people to take part in a prize-draw.

But just 20pc of the £2.50 ticket money raised was going to the charity. The only mention of this was in a folder on a stall in the mall.

The charity’s fundraising manager Christopher Wilkinson said they had stopped using firms such as Pro-Fundraising Ltd and had brought fundraising in-house so that 100pc of income would go to the charity.

He said: “Whilst the use of professional fundraisers is common practice within the charity sector, the Charity Commission have confirmed there is a large misconception on the public’s part as to just how beneficial these services can be to charities.

“The use of a professional fundraiser offered us financially risk free fundraising activities leaving us to enjoy weekly payments.

“With this in mind, we naturally assumed this made perfect sense and offered the contract to Pro Fundraising Ltd.”

Now have a search of names like





Will the real The charity’s fundraising manager please stand up! 
Obviously 1st Knight still kept links with the scammers who run management companies and their associates! 

Coincidence or does one smell……