Meet Chris Guy Who tried to claim he was a “Monkey” RMP and a war hero with many a shit dits to be told 

Christopher Guy, 30, also pretended to have a brain tumour in a bid to gain sympathy and would turn up outside His victims home. Dressed in full MTP and even walk about Leeds town centre in full uniform.

Guy  boasted of several tours as a sergeant in Iraq and Afghanistan after meeting Lady’s  on a popular dating websites such as Plenty Of Fish or POF as some of you know it.

His user name is chrisg85x  take a look as he’s still at It

Guy would regal women with fabricated tales of desert gun battles, fallen comrades and daring rescues under fire. He even attempted to join a remembrance parade with real serving soldiers! See picture above.

One of his best dits was the one about having to stay behind to look after some tanks so he fix a broken track (trade training must be mega in the RMP’s)

The Tanks were then attacked and our brave hero single handily fought off enemy, but not without his best mate being killed in front of him. 

He was also shot in the head and back. Done over 200 military Parachute Jumps and ran over by a US soldier. It goes on, but we are sure you get the picture.

Even took a stroll around Leeds dressed like this 


He never got out of basic and a waste of rations by all accounts. He went AWOL then was eventually  binned out on the Biff to save the Army the bother of administrative action.

He obviously has no Parachute course history and no medals awarded.

There is more but we will let the another media outlet do the rest 😉

What a Cumper

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