As most readers to this blog know we have been challenging some of the more suspect so called Military Charities which claim to give 100% which have been spring up in the last two years. 

So far we have hit Several of these charities who’s employees use unsavoury methods such a guilt trips and in some cases aggressive selling practices by humiliating ( accusing people who walk past as being unpatriotic) in order to get the public to part with their money thinking it’s all going to service people and their families. 

As most know, this is not the case. 

Please read our first blog on Support the Heroes and their modus operandi.

Not supringly it became apparent most of the money being collected in donations was not going to those they were heavily advertising it was for. 

The main concern what the “Game of of Skill”

Why “game of skill“? It couldn’t be to avoid the provisions of the Gambling Act 2005, which applies to raffles, could it? 

Further investigation uncovered that not only were people persuaded to buy a ticket rather than drop coins in a bucket, but not all the money being collected was going to what people were being led to believe. 

When asked they would be told 100%

Since then it’s been uncovered that promotion companies were taking the lion share of the donations. 80% to be exact. 

So for the price of a ticket £2.50 only 50 P would go to the charity accounts. 

Please read this link about one such individual who has been linked to several promotions company’s and charities.

Note from the Mirror link

“Fundraising costs of 80% are unreasonable

Which was clear  Our Brave Heroes would only take 20%

Since Our Brave Heroes was exposed they have become subject to an investigation by the charity commission and have been banned from collecting.

So the MO of these charities is to set up charities status by getting issued with a registration number, which the charity commission spokeswoman admitted on the BBC was not a hard thing to do!

Then a promotion company would recruit staff to collect for the charity by selling raffle tickets for fictitious prizes that no one really knows if they exit or are ever won.

We then found out the same methods are being used by other charities, almost like a template. 

Soon other charities like Support the Heroes were being ejected from centres and shopping outlets as the news of the scam spread.

Then like dominos the same scams started falling into place

1st Knight Military Charity for example who was also exposed for selling inappropriate tshirts with offensive slogans.

Which brings us on to The Invicta Foundation.

As you can clearly see like the others the Game of Skill ticket cast £2.50 each. Nothing on the ticket or on any of the advertising informs the unsuspecting about much is going to Charity.

Again the sellers should “Support the Troops” 

But like the rest The Invicta Foundation is not being clear. So we TWMHC asked its Co-Founder Stephen Robertson seen here with a slippery Fish!

We asked a simple question. 


Now for some strange reason Stephen was reluctant to answer the question. Yet admitted the Charity only received 20% from the sale of the £2.50 ticket, but this is not what we asked and he knew it. Much to the frustration of most people who asked the same. 

This went on for quite a while where he would do his best not to mention the promotion company’s cut of the donations.

Yet as the readers know. We at TWMHC HQ don’t give in easily! 

Other members stated asking the same question and in one exchange the Co founder of a charity which claims to help disabled soldiers and those with Mental Health problems called a veteran this. 

Not the sort of behaviour a head of such a charity should be using when being asked a perfectly legitimate question in regards fund raising!  He is also an adult army cadet instructor, so again not a great example!

Finally Stephen Robertson admitted the full 80% goes to the Promotions Company called Events Managment Solutions

Note the, Excellent Commission Structure, number 1 on their list.
The director is 


Office 81, 123 Stratford Rd, Birmingham, England, B903ND

The Address like all the other promotions company’s linked to these charities we have exposed is yet another  virtual Office. So far no electronic footprint could be found for a Mr Sean Smythe. 

We asked Mr Robertson for a contact number but he refused! 

Finally we wore Mr Robertson down and he admitted the full 80% went to the promotion Company.

 We  will now direct you to The Accounts of The Invicta Foundation. Remember this is not the Promotion Company accounts as they have not been filed yet. 

From our investigation the promotion company normally folds just before the requirement and a new one sets up. 

Incorporated on 3 October 2015 and will not be required to file their accounts until July 2017.  So what promotion company were they using before?

From invicta accounts

Income £50k ish
Expenses £42k

Brought Fwd from 2014. £7k

From someone who works in the right place 

Had a  quick scan down as in the middle of a set of accoutns here but what stands out is the number of staff for the size of turnover, £14k of Computer equipment plus other depreciation. 

I see very little evidence on a quick glimpse of monies actually being spent on servicing their aims. I will endeavour to have a closer analysis. 

In the declared Co House Accounts for y/e 2014 the only pay out that jumps out as charitable aims is the Siblings retreat, total £17k however nothing appears expended in 2015, certainly that accounting line is blank. Very concerning!

We will leave you with one final thought.

 If this guy called Marvin Trussell was standing in the street in normal everyday clothes, with a bucket and raffle tickets and a poster with his face on it called the Trussell Trust and he told you 80% would being going to an Armed Forces charity without any literature explaining that, would you donate?

Food for thought! 
Up date 

The Invicta Foundation has now been officially banned from the Brunel Shopping Centre at Swindon. 

Well done to the club member for raising concerns about yet another scam charity which deliberately misleads about what goes to cause, they claim to support. 

If you see their stands anywhere around the country please take a photo and send it in😉

Oh dear, Stephen should have done his homework on the WMHC-HQ. We don’t let up. 
From a Member who observed the following from their accounts 
“When you consider that over the 5 years accounts for the foundation as a ltd co /charity they gave £1459 as chritable donations and for the 3 years as a charity they paid £3041 to the ceo and his trustee wife for heat, light and additional travel expenses running the charity from their home. You have to wonder who their running it for?
What can be said regards what ems collect is that they pass 20% onto invicta, who according to their records used 80 odd % of past income on running costs, banked just under 9% and the remaining 8.6% on charitable activities. IF this trend continued last year then 8.6% of 20% is less that 2p per £1 donated via ems going to charitable activity. Not what I call value for money” 
You won’t see the promotion company accounts of EMS as they will not have to file them until next year. Bet you £2.50 EMS pull the plug just before that date and a new company sets up😉

A little bit about Game of Skill tickets

having a look on the EMS website with regards to the “Game of Skill”.  EMS (bearing in mind they are meant to fund raise for charities) seem to base their terms of service only around the Invicta Foundation. Seems a bit sneaky. As this screams a company that has been set up to throw smoke. Also, loosely suggests that the “Game of Skill” was exclusively designed for and managed for The Invicta Foundation.

The terms also suggest they have to announce a draw date and also the numbers and the prizes to be won. This is on EMS website – this is  not see anywhere on the invicta page. Which surely they would want to prove these prizes. – 
the gambling act overview states that although these types of operations aren’t Iilegal , in “games of skill, luck or judgment” they must provide a reasonable level of accuracy as to the amount of people that will be eliminated by the skill. This would suggest they have to have a failure rate as to not be seen as a lottery.

However,  this is open to a lot of interpretation. Due to the earlier paragraphs saying an easy question would not meet the test. It also goes on to mention about how many of these should run etc.
There is no “protection clause” for the charitable funds collected. If this company were to go bust, then how would the charity recover its funds? 

Is the invicta foundation going by the 6 principles under the laws and fund raising regulations?
 Here is a link – which says they have to be open and accountable by law. Also, they have to monitor the fundraisers. Which we know that are not.
The Con Men behind the Promotion Company

Also, both the companies by Sean Smythe are at a virtual mail box –

More to come on this 

familiar faces 

The Birmingham business address is just a virtual one to throw people of the scent and Sean he is really operating from an  Office 3 7b-11b, Park St, Lytham, Lancs, United Kingdom, FY8 5LU  

 were we have evidence of Nick Travis being the ghost partner and Michael Figg having a similar company called 



Travis on the left and Figg on the right.

Both these guys have a shady past with similar promotion company’s and scam charities
Will do some more digging tomorrow.
Update 22 Nov 2016 

Steven Robertson the CEO of the Invicta Foundation finally admitted the clandestine involvement of Nick Travis with the Invicta Foundation donations scandal. 

Question why is Nick Travis mentioned under EMS with Company’s house and why has Stephen Robertson been knowingly failing in his duties as a CEO of  a registered charity 

Maybe you should have done your homework before posting that excuse 😉. 

Section 4
Published 7 June 2016

1. Introduction

2. About this guidance

3. Take responsibility for your charity’s fundraising – 6 principles at a glance

4. Plan effectively

5. Supervise your fundraisers

6. Protect your charity’s reputation, money and other assets

7. Follow fundraising laws and regulation

8. Follow the recognised standards for fundraising

9. Be open and accountable

10. How is fundraising regulated?

11. Why is it important to follow this guidance?

12. Terms used in this guidance

Annex 1. A summary of legal requirements included in Charities Acts legislation and regulations

Annex 2. Sources of information
Then at 13.00hrs 22 Sept 2016 

Stephen Robertson finely claims he’s cut ties with EMS

So why are they still aggressively hassling people for money at the NEC as of 13:21!. Point to note there is nothing on the Invicta Foundation web or Facebook which states this! Quite important that!